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Intaglio Skin Care

07/29  Spoke with Intaglio today, They said they are shipping my shipments to me today.   Once our shipments arrive they will be available to order.

07/27/2015 Update:  Still no word from Intagio, Their voicemail box is now full. Maybe they have gone out of business.

We recommend Taking a look at BiON Skin Care The chemist who started Intaglio left there and started BiON. It is our best selling line

07/23/2015 Notice:   Intaglio/etiology  has gone dark. We have not received our last 3 shipments. They are not answering their phones or returning voice messages or email.
Our supply is very low with a lot of products out of stock. We are sorry for the trouble this is causing any of our customers.

Intaglio is changing their  brand name to etiology 


"Dedicated to the Advancement of Skin Therapy through Medical Science." 

Founded in 1994 to promote and support research and development activities in skin care therapy. Intaglio® complements dermatology and plastic surgery procedures for all skin conditions to ensure healthy, beautiful skin.