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Can you get a tan without getting wrinkles?

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tan  without getting wrinkles

Anti-Aging Sun Protection…Ultraviolet radiation A (UVA)with longer wavelength than Ultraviolet radiation B (UVB)penetrates deeper into the lower levels of

the skin and damagesthe collagen and elastin causes premature aging.

Contrary to Sun Blocks which protects against UVB (Burning),the revolutionaryUVAPROingredient found inOxygen Spritzfrom Knutek will

  • Protect the all essential collagen and elastin from theUVA (Aging) rays topreventthe formation of lines and wrinkles.
  • *Allows you to get a sun tan.
  • *Allows the vaccination of your skin against skin cancer.
  • *Allows the formation of vitamin D from sun exposure to avoid
  • Rickets Disease, Osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Increase the firmness (10%) and smoothness (12%)of the skinwithin four weeks, see attached for more information!.
  • The Oxygen Plasma will trigger formationof collagen & elastin,reduce inflammation, heal andboost sun protection.
  • Tea Tree Oil will freshen, condition, prevent bacteria and fungus.

Only from Knutek!

Science has now proven that 30 minutes of UVB (Burning) sun exposure per dayis
essentialto vaccinate the skin against skin cancer and toavoidsoftening ofbone tissue (osteoporosis) due to Vitamin D deficiency.

Rickets Disease, Osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis can be causedby lack of sun exposure from the daily usage of traditional Sun Blocks!

The ongoing usage of traditional Sun Blocks (SPF factor) will protect your skinfrom UVB (Burning) but doesnotgive adequate protection against UVA (Aging)and mayincreaseyour risk of skin cancer from infrequent and extended sun exposure!

You will find the UVAPRO ingredient in Knuteks Oxygen Spritz,Whipped Oxygen Cream, Alpha + MSM Cream and Nutra + MSM Lotion.

*Science has proven in blind studies that low level sun exposure (around 20-30 minutes a day)actually vaccinates the skin against skin cancer and is also needed for your health to avoidosteoporosis from vitamin D deficiency. In fact, the scientific study concluded that there is reasonto believe that the explosion in osteoporosis in women 40 years and older in theUSis attributableto the avoidance of the sun and the usage ofsun blocksduring the last 30 years. Hence, Knutekhas introduced products which protect against UVA (aging) but allow UVB (burning) rays.
Ref. Scientific American Journal, Nov. 2007 page

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