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    Customer Reviews

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    Gentle Eye Gel

    Have only been using this gel for about a week but I do think it is working. It is very light weight and the container it comes in is perfect in giving you the amount you need for your eyes. You only need a small amount to place around each eye and immediately you will feel like your eyes are refreshed and ready for the day. Gel keeps eye area hydrated and soft. Overall liking the product so far!

    Amazing Side Benefit

    I really love this gel--I use it around my eyes to help soften the wrinkles that have begun to form as I enter my 40s. It keeps the delicate skin hydrated and does not smudge my make up--sometimes with other creams or gels, the mascara on my lower lid would smudge. This gel works AND keeps my make up in place.
    However, there is an unbelievable side effect that I wasn't expecting: it grows my eyelashes thicker and fuller! That, alone, will make me a forever user of this product. I'm uncertain as to how or why this is occurring, but I am not complaining at all and am enjoying the duel benefit of this incredible gel. I'm sold on this stuff!!! It's beyond amazing.

    Thanks for the feedback Autumn, We are very pleased to hear about the eyelashes, Like you we love this product
    My Eyes are looking great

    I brought this as a bundle with the Oxygen Gel & crystal blue oxygen cream, Immediately my skin started looking good and feeling soft but after about a week my co-workers started telling me how beautiful my skin was looking, My Eye relly started to change,

    Made my puffiness, eye bags and circles go away. Very good stuff.

    Great product. Did what it said it going to do. I sleep with a CPAP mask on and it makes big bags under my eyes. This helps tremendously. My dark circles are gone, my eyes look great. Younger looking. A little goes a long way. Has no smell. Has a water-based consistency, disappears right away because it absorbs right in. Not the least big creamy or can actually use it anywhere on your face. Took maybe a week or so to really kick in and has just kept working better. Love it.

    Hey Tony, Thank you for being a part of our test group for this new product, Your feedback is very important. This product should be availible mid December.
    Nighttime Mom

    While nothing is going to undo the damage working night shift as an RN and taking care of two toddlers will do to your face, this comes close. I started noticing my fave looking old and tired and have been contemplating microdermabrasion. I decided to try this out first. So far (about a week and a half) I have notifies much less puffiness in my eyes and the darkness seems better. I've used it on other parts if my face whwre my skin tone is uneven and it seems to be evening that tone slightly...maybe? Overall it's a definet improvement in the look of my face.