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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    This stuff is amazing!

    This stuff is amazing! It feels so good on your skin, in the morning your skin feels so hydrated.
    I even use it with my Tan Luxe face drops and they absorb so nicely together into my face, creates a tan that is so very even!
    Highly recommend if you need hydration for your skin! I love the all natural.

    Suzie's Customer
    Go-to skin hydrator

    It is my go-to moisturizer especially in winter time. The 72 Hour Hyaluronic Hydration Serum is perfect for me because most of the day I’m busy and forget to put on a moisturizer. However in winter, I always hydrate my skin with this product and result is beyond to what I am expecting. Tbh, it is always with me when I go to work or travel.

    Works well

    I mix some of this into my regular moisturizer. It does keep my skin more hydrated and less dry and flakey. But unfortunately unless I mix it with my mousturizer, I can't use it...because of the smell. It smells like a whiff of a can of pickles, so I don't get excited to use it. The smell really bothers me.

    When I use it alone, my face gets really flushed and red at first. I'm not sure why that is.

    HI Myra, Thank you for your feedback, As with all our natural line of products there are no added fragrance, We have found that this has been this to be an issue with some users

    I went in to purchace a Pure Hyluronic form another brand they sel

    I went into Suzie's Spa to purchase a Pure Hyaluronic from another brand they sell but they were sold out so they offed me this with the guarantee that if I didn't like it I could trade for the one I wanted when it came back in stock. Well you know what? I love this!!

    Thank you Cheryl for letting us know that you love the product, We are very excited about our new Vegan line of products.

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