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    Suzie's Natural Retinol + Samphira PM Serum

    Please do not ever stop making this!!! I tried a lot of different retinol products and I could never seem to find one appropriate for my sensitive skin. Even using them once a week, they would always aggravate my skin. I have been using Natural Retinol + Samphira PM Serum three times a week and I have no complaints! My skin is loving this and I couldn’t be more grateful!! Awesome product!

    Suzie's Customer
    Bought instead of Retin a- happy I did!

    I've been using retin-a & many of its cousins over the years. I was never really happy with my red, irritated skin after & felt it was only choice- even Drs recc'd it. So when I saw Suzie 's version & read the ingredients I was ready to jump in & give it a go. I love this version & my sensitive skin reacts wonderfully to this. I'm seeing results this soon in- 4 days. My skin loves it & I do too! I would highly recc'd this to anyone who wants a better version of Retinols.

    Gental & Vey Effective

    I LOVE this retinol! I’ve tried numerous retinol and have always been disappointed with the way they work. They left my skin dry and peeling in the worst way if I used them consecutively for 3 days. However, I have been using the Suzie's Natural Retinol + Samphira PM Serum every night for months and I haven’t had ANY peeling and it’s definitely softening fine lines. I will never be without this gem.

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