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    Knutek Whipped Oxygen Cream

    I love this product and was introduced to it by the lady I went to for skin treatment. She sold her business several years ago, and I am glad to have found it at Skincare by Suzie. I prefer the glass container, but noticed it is now in a plastic container.

    Hi Linda, Thank you for the review and your feedback concerning the container, We ran in a lot breakage during shipping with the glass containers as well as higher shipping cost. Plus we received a lot messages from customers who accidentally dropped their and broke them so we decided to go back to the recyclable plastic Thank you for your business
    Review on knutek products

    I use both of these products all the time. They were referred to me from the girl that does my facials. I love both of these on my face. Barbara

    Best Facial Cream

    This is the best facial cream I have ever used, and it lasts quite awhile. My skin is extremely sensitive and I can use it on my entire face, including my eyelids with no negative side effects. Thanks, Suzie.

    excellent face cream

    makes my face feel alive and refreshed

    Best for dry mature skin

    I do not know what can be said more than other people already said about this product. If I say that this is my lifetime cream is it enough? I love the texture, the delicate scent, the glass package (which is a sign of good quality for the product), the way my skin looks and feels after applying. Also, this is an excellent base for makeup. 
    One more thing: just like the other Knutek products it took a while for the skin to adapt with this; but now, combined with other Knutek products, this is perfect ”adjusted” with skin needs.