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    Azulen Skin Care Collection

    If you suffer from sensitive, intolerant skin and you haven’t discovered azulene yet, prepare to have your world upside down. 

    Azulene, named after the Spanish word for “blue,” azul, is an organic compound derived from the steam distillation of chamomile. The oil obtained from this steam distillation is often found in products used topically, such as skincare products and some cosmetics. It is widely regarded as a useful ingredient for both its lustrous blue color and wide array of healing properties.

    Azulene has high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin. Use of Azulene in skin can also prevent blemishes, and help stop deterioration of skin cells that leads to wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation
    Skin type: For all skin types, in particular for Sensitive skin
    Azulen Day Cream (1646391984200) Azulen Day Cream (1646391984200)
    From $19.95
    Azulen Cleansing Milk, Buy Today (5431391912103) Azulen Cleansing Milk, Buy Today (5431391912103)
    Azulen Soothing Masque - Skin Care By Suzie (4468569079880) Azulen Soothing Masque - Skin Care By Suzie (4468569079880)
    Azulen Hand and Body Oil (6241566523559) Azulen Hand and Body Oil (6241566523559)
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