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Hair Loss Concealers

Fabulan Hair Loss Concealer & Thickener - 
          Fabulan Topical Shader is an instant hair loss, hair thickening topical shading product trusted and recommended by trichologists and hair restoration professionals all over the world. Its recommended for all types of hair loss, hair thickening or scalp concealing, whether it be male pattern baldness or alopecia. It is safe to be used with hair transplants, it will not affect the growth of your hair and can also be used alongside hair systems and hair growth products. A perfect all round versatile solution that's as good on its own or combined with other products.

SEVICH Hair Building Fibers
                SEVICH is a safe, natural, and undetectable way to improve the appearance of thinning hair without harmful drugs, chemicals, or surgery. SEVICH Hair Building Fibers are made from pure organic Keratin Protein; the same protein found in human hair.

 The Perfect Cover Up Kit
         Get the perfect cover up with Fabulan Hair Loss Concealer and Sevich Hair Building Fibers. Also includes Sevich Fiber locking spray and hairline Comb