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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Hairfor2thickening spray

    I am still loving this is the best…and hopefully will be available for many moons come. Feel great and very happy. What else can I say about this fantastic product. Try it, u will not be sorry🥰. Olga

    Jeannine Trybus

    This was exactly what I was looking for! The color is not available anywhere else. Keep it stocked. I’ll need more when this is all gone.

    Olga Piandes
    Hairfor2thickening fiber spray

    I love this product, it the best I have ever tried & used. It has thickness for volume, color, texture, it has made me extremely happy and very confident of how my hair appears. Even my hairdresser was very impressed w the product. I am totally positive that Hair2for has helped many women and men…. Thank you for having this miracle spray available, and May it be available for a long time. Hair2for has given me such a fantastic feeling about how my hair looks….
    I am older, and thrilled at this time to have found Hair2for.
    Regards, Olga

    Elizabeth Smith
    Have patience!

    This is a great product, but there is a learning curve for its use. Be patient and you will be pleased. At first, I thought it made my hair too stiff, but I was spraying at the wrong angle. Practice makes perfect!

    Judy Smalley

    I am 78.....still a brunette with thinning hair a streak of grey in my bangs. Hairfor2 colors the grey and thinkers my hair where I spray it. I can no longer live without it! (a little dramatic, but I sure wouldn't look as good)

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