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    Customer Reviews

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    I had been using DermMatch dark brown. I tried two Suzie colors, Med brown and Dark brown. Med was too light a tone, but the Dark was just right. The DermMatch dark is more like a brown/black and was too much. The Suzie is more of a truer dark brown and not as harsh on me.

    I only use it in a few spots at the hairline to even it out. I find using it dry makes it easy to handle, more like an eye shadow, and much quicker than having to use it wet. The compact size of the case is perfect.

    Great coverage

    I have tried so, so many different products to try to hide the bald and thinning patches on my scalp. My go-to used to be Couvré, but of course, we all know about how that product was discontinued. I had tried other “dry” products on my scalp-masking journey, but I found fibers too messy, and the other powder-based product I tried had terrible coverage. Furthermore, the applicators absorbed too much of the product, requiring you to apply too much friction when applying it.

    This product by Suzie is simply amazing. The coverage is so good, it basically goes on with one swipe, and you don’t need to build up layers to get the coverage. It even darkens grey roots while hiding the shiny scalp. The thin applicator holds a lot of powder, but because of its large pores, it releases the product well, too, so there’s very little wasted product.

    I love that I now have an option to use on dry hair. It almost acts as a dry shampoo, too, since the dry product kind of helps to hide the grease on hair the day after it’s been washed.
    As with all dry products, there’s a little bit of powder that drops onto the vanity, so it’s not as tidy as the lotion-based masking products. However, unlike the other dry products I’ve used, this doesn’t require a full-on cleaning after application. A quick swipe with a damp Kleenex, and the surfaces are as clean as they were when you started.

    This product is simply incredible. I am so thankful that it exists as an option for us.

    jerry pugh
    hair thickner and concealer

    Good product does the job The only negative is it will stain the shirt collar and rubs off easy

    Great for blending

    Great product blends nicely.

    Got Trich?

    I suffer from trichotillomania -- an OCD that has me plucking hair unconsciously and has left me with bare spots on my temples. This product does a superb job of blending with my remaining hair to cover my scalp, making me feel much more confident when I'm out in public.

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