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    kNutek Skin Care

    Knutek Skin Care

    Under exclusize contract kNutek Skin Care will label their products with our logo, That way we can continue with their original names,  All pro size will be label with the LIV brand name and the new product names they have chosen.  Be assured these are all the original kNutek formula we have used and sold for over 30 years.


    "The Science of Making and Becoming a New You"

    Full collection of skin care from kNutek, for Rosacea, Normal skin, Dry skin, Oily skin, Aging skin, Sensitive skin, Eczema Including Oxygen, Peptides, and more

    Collection Menu
    kNutek 100% Oxygen Plasma kNutek 100% Oxygen Plasma
    From $114.95
    kNutek Whipped Oxygen Cream (88482583) kNutek Whipped Oxygen Cream (88482583)On Sale
    From $27.95 $39.95
    Omega Peel (88482137) Omega Peel (88482137)On Sale
    From $74.95 $118.00
    kNutek A-RO Balsam Serum (88480147) kNutek A-RO Balsam Serum (88480147)
    kNutek Microdermabrasion Cream (88481919) kNutek Microdermabrasion Cream (88481919)
    From $38.95
    Fabulous 100% Oxygen Plasma On Sale
    $105.95 $139.95
    kNutek Advanced Toner (88481549) On Sale
    From $39.95 $199.00
    kNutek Balancing Cleanser (88480957)
    From $40.95
    kNutek Oxygen Spritz (88482755) kNutek Oxygen Spritz (88482755)
    From $69.95
    Whipped Oxygen Cream w/Oxygen Plasma (5834367557) Whipped Oxygen Cream w/Oxygen Plasma (5834367557)On Sale
    From $27.95 $39.95
    Oxygen Spritz (9751790416) Oxygen Spritz (9751790416)
    From $59.95
    Save 30% 50ml Size
    Whipped Oxygen Cream 50ml On Sale
    $27.95 $39.95
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