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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Daphne Hawk
    Oxygen Plasma

    I've used the Oxygen Plasma for years and believe in its promise of healing, especially during the winter months.

    Anna M.
    Softest skin ever

    Makes my skin significantly softer as soon as I start using it. Just incredible! Winter air got my face dull and flaky, but adding this as a step under my moisture did wonders

    Anna M.
    Excellent moisturizing

    After over a month of use, my skin definitely has a more even tone and is way softer than it ever was before using this product. Don't know about wrinkles, but my face looks more youthful. Will keep using to see if the wrinkles get affected as well

    Anna M.
    Good part of the skincare regimen

    I've been using knutek skincare products for years now, always loving them. Just turned 40 and decided to add this one to my regimen. Been using it for 2 weeks, morning and night, and I love how it makes my skin look and feel. Very refreshed. I get compliments.
    That said, I haven't seen much effect on my wrinkles or age spots, but will keep using and see. It was a good buy in any case.

    So far so good

    Noticing some changes but I will review again after 30 days.

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