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    LIV by kNutek

    LIV by kNutek
     Skincare Science Joins Mother Nature:
    Beautiful Skin that tames the Wildest Winter

    ​​​For over three decades, LIV by Knutek has delivered incredible results for the clients of the world’s finest salons and spas across the globe.
    LIV by Knutek blends the very best elements of skincare science with nature.
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    ELSKET Oxygen Plasma
    From $104.95
    LUFT Whipped Oxygen Cream LUFT Whipped Oxygen Cream
    From $48.95
    kNutek MSM-O2 Skin Care By Suzie kNutek MSM-O2 Skin Care By SuzieOn Sale
    From $69.95 $85.00
    NY Omega Peel NY Omega Peel
    From $62.95
    kNutek Nutra + MSM lotion /KROPP by LIV 50ml
    Alpha + MSM face & throat Cream (LAG -LIV By kNutek) - Skin Care By Suzie
    kNutek Alpha Pep Cream - Trene By LIV 50ml
    SOL Oxygen Spritz
    From $98.95
    Knutek OXY-PEP Cream / LEGE By LIV 50ml
    GLATT Microdermabrasion On Sale
    From $39.95 $220.00
    RENS Balancing Cleanser On Sale
    From $45.95 $110.00
    KLAR Therapeutic Toner
    From $39.95
    EDEL DRÅPE A-RO Balsam
    Alpha + MSM face & throat Cream (LAG -LIV By kNutek) - Skin Care By Suzie
    Nano Gel
    From $110.00
    MYK On Sale
    From $58.95 $89.95
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