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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Good product, terrible container

    As good as your product is, you need to repackage it. I’m willing to spend the money but I resent that you can’t get about 1/3 of the product out of the container. I keep checking to see if there is new packaging before I repurchase.

    Hi Thank you for your feedback, I have pass it on to BiON Skin Care

    20% Glycolic acid skin cream

    This is my first time trying a Bion product so I really didn't have high expectations but will try anything once. I have been trying for years to find something that would work on the thick dry skin of my feet and nothing has ever helped, until now ! Its nice that they have a formula with a higher concentration of glycolic acid. I have used similar products with lower concentrations that just were not effective for me. I was really surprised to be able to see and feel the difference ! This product far exceeded my expectations and I will be a repeat customer!

    Strong stuff

    Make sure to give it a shake before using. I don’t use it as prescribed. I use it to wear down milia on my back. It seems to be working. I really dislike the container. It’s a hard plastic squeeze tube.

    Another great treatment!

    My feet are getting better. Softens my callous on feet and elbows. Will be great this winter.

    Deana Lowry
    Great Product

    I recently relocated cross country and have had a lot of cleaning, packing, moving and painting so consequently my beauty routines have suffered. This product is so very good on knees (mine have been overly abused for several weeks) and I also use it on elbows. So very happy with this product.

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