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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Loved it

    I didn't expect to like this cleanser because I like rich foaming cleansers. However, this is the best glycolic cleanser I have ever used, and I've tried a lot of different ones.

    Since it doesn't foam up much, I was worried because I didn't get the visual confirmation of where I had applied it on my body. But then I realized that I could literally feel where I had used it. It really does cleanse the skin and remove the build up and dead skin. And it doesn't burn or sting or anything. It leaves the skin feeling clean, but not tight or dry. It really worked for me.

    I use it for my whole body and it's working miracles for my backne. I've been getting compliments lately about my skin and the only thing that's changed is that I've been using this product once a day.

    I recommend this cleanser. Give it a shot. It reminds me of the cleanser my aesthetician used before giving me a facial. It's a fantastic product and the bottle is huge. Thanks for making it.

    James Hicks
    Rosacea & Redness Relief Moisturizer

    Great! 5 stars *****
    I Will recommended this product.

    Heike Van Pelt
    Suzie Product

    Glad that Suzie has her own line. I enjoy the size of the cleanser which comes at a great value. Skin get clean and after switching for the previous one I have absolutely no problems. Wonderful product!
    Keep going, Suzie!!

    My permanent replacement

    Amazing cleanser! I was committed to intaglio’s glycolic cleanser as glycolic acid is the only ingredient that keeps my acne away. When it went out of stock with the possibility of not coming back again , I was very disappointed but I took a chance on Suzie’s own brand and I have to say that i am so glad I did! This will be my new staple for facial cleanser and I hope Suzie never stops making it . With this cleanser, the glycolic gel and the glycolic face cream from this brand I’m loving my new skincare routine and I am happy to say I will never go back to intaglio even tho it is back in stock . Another incredible advantage is that suzies brand is way more affordable than intaglio and in my opinion suzies brand is of higher quality than intaglio. I’m a big fan of this brand .

    Hey Brianna, Thank you so much for the feedback on our new products, We have worked very hard to bring high quality products at an affordable price.

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