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    Fidentia Hair Loss Concealers & Fibers

    Fidentia Hair Loss Concealers & Fibers
    • With  Fidentia these two products work together to thicken and conceal your hair. 
    • REVERSE HAIR LOSS | Simply sprinkle, apply, style, and go. Thickening Fibers along with our Concealer will not only leave your hair looking thick but full of color and thicker longer with no embarrassing flakes. The fibers can only be washed out and dissolved with shampoo.
    • ANY HAIR TYPE | For both Men and Women, long or short hair, our thickening fibers and concealer will do the job. Comes in 4 colors: Dark Brown, Black, Medium Brown,
    • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED | All our products are manufactured according to strict EU and US cosmetic regulations.
    • THICKEN & CONCEAL YOUR HAIR | Conceal hair loss and thicken hair using electrostatic Fidentia hair thickening fibers along with our scalp and hair color
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