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    Laser Hair Growing Systems

    Laser Hair Growing Systems

    We strive  bring you the best products for home use to treat hair loss for all budgets. Very few people can spend 2 -3 Thousand dollars for home treatment or $5000 plus at a clinics.
      There is a lot of confusion on what works how fast etc. so we try to clear that up.   We have received reviews from customers of each of these units. They all work.   
        So what sets them apart?  Handheld vs. Wearable.   How many lasers. LEDs & Microcurrent

    Handheld vs. Wearable

       All recommend treatment time are about 20 mins a day. The hand held has to be moved from zone to zone on your scalp. So each zone is only going to get 5 mins of treatment a day,   Wearable's cover all zones for 20 min there by giving you 4- 5 times the treatment time. Plus you do not have to hold your arm up above you head for 20 mins, It is just easier to wear it.

    Quantity Of Lasers
      Just as Wearable's give you better coverage so does the quantity of lasers.   A Three laser handheld gives better coverage then the 1 laser handheld,   The 272 Laser Cap gives better coverage the 32 Laser Cap.  The 272 and 144 Laser cap give complete whole head coverage, The 64 & 32 give better coverage for the top of the head.

    LEDs & Microcurrent.
      Anything that stimulates the scalp can help,   We are not 100% convinced that these help, We have not been able to find published reports for hair loss, But they are being widely used the skin care profession  so we are keeping an open mind on them.

         The more coverage you get the better and faster the results,  They all have the same lasers and they all work.  So these are  our picks to meet you budget,  You are better stating with one that you can afford now and upgrade later then wait until you can afford the more expensive one.  Get started today!  Because your hair loss will not wait for you.



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