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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Peter P
    The search is over

    Finally found a product to replace couvre. After trying many inferior products to conceal my thinnning patches the way couvre successfully
    did, I came across this superb value for money product. It works the same way and gives every existing hair shaft volume and conceals bald patches adequately. I feel this goes on very well and I might need to apply less to get a great result.
    In summary, I've got my hair looking good again.

    Lex W
    Coprilo Hair Loss Concealer is finally THE replacement for Couvre

    Coprilo Hair Loss Concealer is finally THE replacement for Couvre everyone has been hoping for! It is Couvre resurrected. Forget Ecobell. Makes all the difference in your looks. The bottles are larger than the old Couvre tubes. You get more. Combine it w/ Toppik for a better camouflage. No one will know. Use applicators from DermaMatch, they work much better than pads & are cheap. You can get them without having to buy DermaMatch. Try what I say just once & you'll be doing it over & over again

    Alan K.
    Love the built in applicator

    I have been using Coprilo Hair Since it came out and I am really happy with it. I saw this new size with the built in applicator and I thought it would be perfect for traveling . It is! You just twist the bottom and the color cream come up in the middle of the applicator, It works great

    Lawrence Pechak
    Great Concealer

    This concealer is really good. I like it much better than the Ecobell masking lotion. It does not rub off and stain my pillow case like the Ecobell and it looks more natural. I highly recommend.

    Ronald Waliszewski
    I have been looking for a product like Caprilo

    have been looking for a product like Caprilo for quite some time, I find it very easy to apply and it performs well  !!!    

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