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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Honestly, the only thing that works for me

    Okay so it was difficult to find a before picture because I would refuse to take pictures as I was so embarrassed by my skin. But now, aside from the occasional hormonal breakout or a breakout from when I eat too much bad food, my skin is basically clear! I still have scarring, but the spots are gone!
    Before BiON I tried literally everything available over the counter and many prescription topical AND oral medications. Nothing has worked for me as well as BiON. I have been using this product since I was about 17 and I am 20 (almost 21) now. I have tried to switch to cheaper alternatives since then and all my acne just starts coming back. I cannot recommend these products enough, they did wonders for my skin. I now buy all of these products in full size plus the inhibiting gel. :)

    Tammy R.
    Excellent Travel Sizes

    Boon was recommended to me by my Esthitician to prevent bacterial acne breakouts. I get nodular and sometime soon cystic acne. All of these products are excellent. After cleansing, I use the moistu Around my eyes, then mix a tiny bit of the clay poultice with a bit more lotion, rub it together with my fingers, then apply to my face at night. The Antibacterial cleanser works the best for my oily skin and I notice less oil throughout the day with this product.

    Thanks Tammy, We appreciate your business and taking the time for a review.

    Aniko Heller
    Bion Acne Kit Oily/Normal

    This routine is great, just keep it away from the eye area because it really dries it out. Stay moisturized for sure (step 4).

    Thanks Aniko for your review and your business. We really like BiON acne products. I appreciate it, Suzie


    I love this acne product! It is really fabulous!!

    Donna George
    Bion Acne Kit Oily/Normal

    I bought these products for my teenage son. They seem to be really helping his cystic acne. I would highly recommend these products.

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