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    Oxygen Skin Care

    Oxygen Skin Care
    Oxygen — it’s absolutely essential to all living organisms

    • When skin is deprived of oxygen, it may appear dull, sullen and simply not as vibrant.
    • oxygen is essential for acne-prone skin
    • oxygen increases circulation and stimulates cellular regeneration, it naturally plumps the skin and gives it a glowing, refreshed appearance.

    Oxygen is essential for human life, and it can also be beneficial for the skin. When applied topically, oxygen helps to improve skin health by stimulating cell turnover, increasing collagen production, and reducing inflammation. Oxygen plasma is a new skincare technology that harnesses the power of oxygen to deliver these anti-aging benefits. Unlike traditional skin care products that rely on harsh chemicals or other irritating ingredients, oxygen plasma is gentle and non-invasive. It can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin, and it is both safe and effective. If you are looking for a skincare treatment that can help you achieve a youthful appearance, oxygen plasma is worth considering.

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    kNutek Whipped Oxygen Cream (88482583) kNutek Whipped Oxygen Cream (88482583)
    From $39.95
    kNutek 100% Oxygen Plasma kNutek 100% Oxygen Plasma
    From $114.95
    kNutek Balancing Cleanser (88480957)
    From $40.95
    kNutek Oxygen Spritz (88482755) kNutek Oxygen Spritz (88482755)
    From $69.95
    Face-Line Lift - Specialty -Skin Care By Suzie, free shipping & rewards (1393632510024) Face-Line Lift - Specialty -Skin Care By Suzie, free shipping & rewards (1393632510024)
    LUFT Whipped Oxygen Cream (5786344685735) LUFT Whipped Oxygen Cream (5786344685735)On Sale
    From $48.95 $70.00
    SOL Oxygen Spritz (5786333085863) SOL Oxygen Spritz (5786333085863)
    From $74.95
    kNutek MSM-O2 Skin Care By Suzie (5786279116967) kNutek MSM-O2 Skin Care By Suzie (5786279116967)On Sale
    From $84.95 $85.00
    EDEL DRÅPE A-RO Balsam (5786038173863)
    DU Photoshopped DU Photoshopped
    From $88.95
    kNutek A-RO Balsam Serum (88480147) kNutek A-RO Balsam Serum (88480147)
    Rich Whipped Oxygen Cream (6066421006503)
    From $59.95
    Seaweed Masque - Mask -Skin Care By Suzie, free shipping & rewards (455975272477) Seaweed Masque - Mask -Skin Care By Suzie, free shipping & rewards (455975272477)
    Ultra-Light Seaweed Cream (6228468531367) Ultra-Light Seaweed Cream (6228468531367)
    MYK (6063068086439)
    From $58.95
    GLATT Microdermabrasion (5786227146919)
    From $48.95
    kNutek Microdermabrasion Cream (88481919) kNutek Microdermabrasion Cream (88481919)
    From $38.95
    Alpha + MSM face & throat Cream (LAG -LIV By kNutek) - Skin Care By Suzie (5786003341479)
    Knutek OXY-PEP Cream / LEGE By LIV 50ml (8797906960)
    Makeup Emulsifier VEKK (6833912316071) Makeup Emulsifier VEKK (6833912316071)
    From $49.95
    RENS Balancing Cleanser (5786209452199)
    From $49.95
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