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    Premium Hair Care by: Skin Care By Suzie

    Premium Hair Care by: Skin Care By Suzie - Skin Care By Suzie

    Premium Hair Care Made By Hairstylist
      by: Skin Care By Suzie

    Our purpose was to manufacture hair care products with finest chemicals with the latest chemistry available. Realizing there was a need for clients to be able to afford premium hair care.           

    Hair Care For:

    • Damage and/or Dry Hair
    • Oily Hair
    • Fine & Thin Hair
    • Styling Products

    Like our own skin care line we choose to keep the packaging simple, This is because as we see other companies products reaching prices of  $50 for hair care, when we now a lot of that cost is in fancy packaging, ultimately something you throw away,  Fancy bottle & boxes are for marketing, Looks good on the shelf, but what really matters is what is inside. 

    Our premium hair care is what is inside

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