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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Makes my skin glow and is perfect for my sensitivity. Love all of Suzie’s products!!

    NAY J.
    Clean and refreshing astringent

    I like this astringent. It is very refreshing and quenching to the skin. No burning, no drying, no irritation. Great product.

    Nice toner

    Love this too..
    Good toner won't dry your skin but takes all impurities out. Skin is balance with no irritation and burning.. just soft skin
    And I have really sensitive skin

    Suzie's products are wonderful!

    First off, this was a first purchase of Suzie's products for me. I had read such good reviews about their products that I went to their website and checked out everything I could find on them. I have fairly severe rosacea and very, VERY sensitive skin, and had been trying out some other products from Amazon that I thought might help. Unfortunately, I was spending $20 to $40 a pop for things that weren't working. Then, Suzie happened. This astringent (toner) is gentle, and does what it says it will do. The ONLY con I can report about it is that it has a fragrance I dont much care for. It is not unpleasant, I just personally don't really care for it.

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