Skin Care That Works
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Booking Instructions


1. Click the "Book " tab and select a service from the drop drown menu for the service you want
2. If you would like to add additional services click the Add More Services Link right below the service drop down menu 
repeat for each service you need.

3. Select the date you want by pressing the Calendar Button.
Note: If you are having both Skincare Services and Hair Services please select the Skincare service first. 
4. Click "Search"
5. Select the book time that works for you
    a POP UP window will ask you to log in or click the "Create a user name & password" button.

Hint:  Feel free to upload a picture of yourself in to you account

After you log or create an account a Confirm Appointments screen will appear, here you can add a message to us if you want then click "BOOK"