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    International Order Information
    • Currency is adjusted twice a day to account for the value of our dollar and the value of your dollar. So if so should happened to be entitled to a refund even though we refund the full the US dollar amount what you receive will most likely be different then what you paid, It might be higher or lower, This is something that is completely out of our control.
    • Shipping, We calculated  shipping rates on international orders please see our shipping information here, 
    • Returns, Are the responsibility of the customer
    • Insurance, We guaranty delivery of all shipments but we have to wait a total of 30 days for delivery. Shipments do get delayed do to  things like customs

    NOTE:  High Dollar orders may be held for a few day to protect us and card holders from fraud, Order will be upgraded to Priority Mail at no additional charge so it should be received within the shipping time frame.

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