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    Treatment of dry cracked heels and elbows

    Cracked and dry skin around the heels and elbows is a common and sometimes painful problem. The skin dries out and hardens, which can cause it to crack and leave tender flesh exposed. This not only causes great discomfort to people afflicted with the skin ailment, but puts the damaged area at risk of infection. It is advisable to try and treat the cracked heels and elbows as soon as you can. This will it will stop the problem from getting worse and harder to treat.

    As with most skin and medical issues, the faster something is seen to the less harm it will cause in the long term. The problem if left alone, will definitely only get worse, which is not what anyone wants. Unfortunately dry and cracked heels or elbows if left will end up with deeper cracks which can cause open wounds and eventually scarring.

    Dry and cracked skin can occur for a number of different reasons. Some of them are natural and some are caused by specific lifestyle choices or habits. For example it can occur naturally from having a natural dry skin complexion, or from aging of the skin. However it can also be caused by things we do which do not help the skin. These include using ill fitting footwear, prolonged standing, being overweight and not drinking enough water. So in addition to treating the cracked or dry skin, people should look to prevent it happening as well through leading a certain lifestyle.

    The good news is however that there are simple and easy treatments for dry heels and cracked skin. Most cases can be solved with the use of a good moisturiser with active ingredients that target dry and cracked skin. One such moisturiser is the BiON 20% Glyconic skin cream. It contains active ingredients to fight the core causes of dry and cracked skin. Unlike other moisturisers it does not just put moisture back into the skin it actively helps to repair it. This is through a mix of the glycolic acid and many softening agents that help restore the skin to normality. The cream is produced by a nice little independent company called BiON Skin Care and is sold by “Skin Care By Suzie” and it really does work a great. It can be found for purchase at the following web address:

    The cream gives much needed stimulation to the skin areas and targets a number of different skin conditions. The specifics are listed under the product description on the web link above. Furthermore unlike a lot of other skin related treatment creams this is pleasant both visually and in its odor. The cream has a nice creamy texture to it and it is scented with an endearing peppermint aroma.

    Overall it is just a great product for skin care and repair. It does exactly what it is meant to and this is backed up by the customer reviews it receives. There is no better feedback than that of a satisfied customer, and this cream certainly delivers there.


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