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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jacqueline McWhorter
    Wonderful product I have been using for years

    This product is the best for sensitive skin hardly any smells and goes on lightly with no greasy residue. Suzie is the best my product comes to me very quickly with some samples included.

    Suzie's Customer
    Great moisturizer from a company that really cares!

    I was previously using another more expensive and hard-to-find azulene cream. I found this on and it's more affordable. It goes on smoothly with no residue and hydrates my sensitive skin without irritating it. I use it daily and so far love the results. The company was also kind enough to send other product samples along with this purchase and I'm loving those too. I'll probably be buying the full size of those samples soon. They clearly really care about their customers and the ingredients that go into their products.

    T. V. Henson
    love it

    I had used this product before but allowed myself to be convinced I "needed" to try others. I really didn't, the truth is, I continue to keep coming back to this moisturizer. Why? Because it is beyond effective. You only need a little to go a very, very long way. It's light and it's a super light scent. It is not greasy, drying, or irritating. This is one I can continually rely on no matter the time of day or night or weather. It always keeps my skin very hydrated and I always feel fabulous using it. Suzie'e shipping is fast, I received in 2 days and that is with their "No Rush Free Shipping"

    Sydney Porder
    So far so good

    I purchased Azulan day cream searching for a light moisturizer that would help hydrate my face and wouldn’t contribute to breakouts. So far so good. I apply a pea size amount to damp face. A little goes a long way.

    P. Gray
    Great product

    I tried this product (and company) on a complete whim trying to find a replacement for a harder to get and three times as expensive product from Europe. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and have learned I need to use a product at least a week to find out if I will react to it. (I cannot tell you how many products I've purchased only to give away to friends after two tries!) So, I was skeptical going in to this...and after two weeks I can tell you I'm a happy customer! This variety of Azulen cream is thinner than my European variety so I find on dryer days I need to apply twice for that added layer but a little goes a long way so I don't mind. At my current use rate I will need to reorder every two months but that will still save me over $100 a year!

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