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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Carol Dildine
    Really helped

    I am in the purging stage of comedones from a liquid foundation and this poultice helped speed up the process. Susie personally recommended it and the Bion Bacteriostat cleanser.

    julie manoogian
    Cannot live without this!

    I've been using the green tea poultice for over 10 years... I literally cannot be without it. I use it as a mask, a spot treatment, and sometimes as an exfoliant. I dab a tiny bit with my facial soap if I need a little extra love on my skin.

    Great product for any type of skin inflammation

    this is a great product for any type of skin inflammation - from occasional cold zits or hormonal break outs or teen acne. It really calms the redness and irritation and pimple is gone faster. Dont expect an overnight disappearance though, but it will be definitely less inflamed and painful. this product is a must for acne care routine.

    Great product!

    This product works amazingly well!!!

    Great for clearing skin

    I usually use the bacteriostat cleanser and moisture complex from BION for everyday care. If I ever feel like my skin is breaking out a bit too much because of stress or other things, I follow the regimen with this mask that my esthetician recommended:

    One week before period: use mask 2x per day in morning and evening
    Next week: use mask 1x per day
    Next week: 1x per day every other day
    Next month if improvement (if no improvement same as first week):
    Week before period and next week: 1x per day
    Third week: 1x per day every other week
    Use like this for max 3 months.

    Hope this might help someone as well, especially if you have severe breakouts. So far, just one month has been great for me.

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