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    Customer Reviews

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    Super pleased to have happened upon this site

    Still working through my abundance of samples (all invariably good), but this was an unexpected gem, second only to the oxygen silk - which is hands down. I've been adverse to acid serums in the past finding most to have a residual stickiness that never quite goes away, then drying down to form a fine shiny film. Not the case here. I get complete absorption instantly, even layering twice or combined with other serums, always resulting in extremely smooth, soft skin that is unbudgeably matte. Planning to go full size when I'm tapped out, but the sample was so generous I had to transfer it to a small jar. An excellent and versatile exfoliating treatment.

    Works great

    Thank you so much, You sent a sample with my purchase of the Intaglio Gel 15 and I liked this so much I bought it. Not only do I feel it works great I liked the way my skin felt afterwords. I did as you recommended and followed with your Whipped Oxygen Cream and Photoshopped Instant Wrinkle Reducer and my skin just looks beautiful and feels great.

    Hi Jena, Thanks you for taking the time to give us feedback on our new product, We spent a lot of time to get this product to a truly high quality at a price customer can afford,

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