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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    8% serum

    I use this product to fight sunspots and acne at the same time. If you are trying to choose between the 8% and 15%, start with the 8% first and work your way up because this is a stronger serum. You might experience some mild stinging. The consistency is very fluid, almost like water, but one pump is just the right amount. I like that it’s not heavy because it’s no problem layering my moisturizer on top.

    Mandelic serum

    I tried this product because M2 mandelic and malic acid is no longer available. The M2 serum is thicker and makes my skin feel very smooth when I wash my face the next morning but I am giving this product (15%) a solid thumbs up because even if it is thinner, I can at least get the same benefit from the active ingredient.

    Helps my skin!

    I'm trying the 15% for the 1st time, after using the 8%. So far, so good!

    I LOVE this product!

    I bought the 8% mandelic serum by BION and it is literally the only product that clears my acne completely! It also doesn’t dry my face out and make it all flakey like other products would in the past. At first, it actually made my skin a little oily, but my skin got used to it after a few weeks and it’s absolutely terrific. Definitely going to be a repeat customer for this product!

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