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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Anna M.
    Great night cream!

    My skin has never felt better. Usually winter does a number on it, but this cream has helped me stay moisturized. Use it at night, and some days instead of my knutek day moisturizer, when I'm feeling a little dry.

    Smells great!
    Great product

    This smells reeeeaaaally good, and my skin soaks it right up. No pilling or anything after applying makeup on top of this cream.

    Mary F
    Wonderful product

    Love this light, non-greasy but amazing moisturizer. In addition to helping reduce fine lines it has helped fade age spots on my face. Bonus- it quickly clears up the blemishes I get after wearing my mask.

    Margie Wilson

    Exceptional cream, goes on smoothly and moisturizes perfectly.

    Suzanne Miller
    Excellent Product

    I didn't think Oxygen Cream could be improved, however this product, Rich Whipped Oxygen Cream very quickly proved me wrong. It
    feels wonderful, soaks in fast, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished. I used it mostly at night on my hands and face since it's a bit thicker, however I also put it on before working out in the yard to protect my skin from the wind and cold. Great product!!

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