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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Tinian Rosenbaum
    Great Toner

    First time buying this and it exceeded my Expectations! Preps my skin for moisturizer perfect. This will be my "Go-To" toner! Leaves my skin feeling amazing-soft and slightly dewy--love it more than expected. Will buy over and over again.

    Suzie's products are wonderful!

    First off, this was a first purchase of Suzie's products for me. I had read such good reviews about their products that I checked out everything I could find on them. I have fairly severe rosacea and very, VERY sensitive skin, and had been trying out some products from Amazon that I thought might help. Unfortunately, I was spending $20 to $40 a pop for things that weren't working. Then, Suzie happened. This astringent (toner) is gentle, and does what it says it will do. The ONLY con I can report about it is that it has a fragrance I dont much care for. It is not unpleasant, I just personally don't really care for it. Ultimately, when they sent me this toner, they also sent along a sample size of their Calendula Astringent, which is from their alpha hydroxy line, and which I like much better. If you want a mild, very gentle astringent that won't dry out your face, this is the one for you. It did not irritate my skin or my rosacea condition.

    I like it

    It picks up any extra makeup or dirt or whatever that didnt come off when I washed my face. It has a pleasant smell and my skin is smoother using it.

    Bridget Palecek
    I love this astringent

    I have to admit I was skeptical about purchasing this astringent, but I have not been disappointed and love the results to my face. No more bumps and tighter pores and I have noticed the couple of dark spots I have are lightening. I don't use the astringent every night, but alternate with a moisturizer because the astringent works so well I don't want to over do. it. I would recommend this astringent to anyone who wants better skin on their face.

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