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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Suzie's Customer
    Pleasantly surprised!

    I bought this cream because a youtuber, who previously suffered from acne, recommended it, not in advertisement. It smells awful in the container, smells like a vitamin pill bottle, and when I first put it on my face I couldn’t believe someone would recommend it. It was goopy and heavy, but then it absorbed and left no residue, just made my face incredibly soft. A little pricey for the size of the container, but a little goes a long way. It’s very creamy and easy to spread before it soaks in.

    Good stuff

    Very good product. You only need a little for coverage. Only put on spots where you are very oily. I learned the hard way. Thx Suzie for your great products.

    Thank you for your feedback, I would love to get a little more information on your comment 'learned the hard way'

    Sheri H.
    This cream is perfect for oily and combination skin

    This cream is perfect for oily and combination skin. I use it more in the summer when my face is prone to break outs.

    Lena S.
    Suzie is a genius! Love this cream!

    This cream is exactly what it's advertised - light but mighty. I love it, it's very comfortable to wear. No shine, no unpleasant smell, just miraculous power. It smells like vitamins and heals my skin really well, calms it down. Thank you for this product! I also like your charcoal face wash and sulfur mask. Not a big fan of the camphor souffle, I expected it to be soft, not like a bar of soap. But in general, this is the line I'll be using from now on, along with my Curology. Thanks again!

    Controls oil and doesn't cause breakouts

    I have the oiliest face in the universe!! I'm prone to breakouts and I am very sensitive to products that make my skin more oily. This cream is wonderful. I love it and will never use anything else. I have wasted so much money looking for a moisturizer that controls my oily complexion. This is the closest that I have found. While it doesn't keep my face oil free, it does control it to the point that it doesn't actually look shiny. I haven't had any problems with breakouts either. I love it!!

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