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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    I have really been loving this!

    First, let me say, when I first opened this, I was really confused. I thought maybe I got a bad one. It is called a “Soufflé” facial cleanser, so I was expecting a soft, maybe whipped kind of texture. When I opened it and put my fingers in, that is NOT what I felt! It was hard and clumpy. So, I immediately thought that I must have gotten a bad one, one that had been dried out. So, I came on here to read the reviews, and saw someone else saying the same type of they expected a whipped kind of texture and were surprised at the texture that it was. So, then I felt better actually trying it out! And I’m glad I did! Just, really think they should give it another name so people aren’t confused when they first go to use it! 😂

    So, when you go to get some of the product, it feels kind of hard, you need to really kind of dig into it to get some product. I found the best way to get the product is to have your fingers be damp (or if you’re using some kind of scooper, to have that damp). Then, you’re able to pick product up a lot easier. Once you pick up some of the product, it will be kind of stiff, hard, and chunky. BUT, once you apply it to your damp face, it instantly glides onto the skin, creating the smooth, whipped type of texture I was initially expecting. A little goes a long way! And the tub of this is pretty big, so it will last a while! So for $16 (at the time of writing this review), I think that’s a great deal!

    Dondi Baskerville
    Amazing Acne Skin Fighter!

    This is my favorite facial cleanser ! If you have acne prone and/or oily skin, then Camphor Souffle is the solution!

    Kathryn Feldheim
    Best products ever... Keep it simple when it comes to a facial routine

    I am obsessed with this product have been buying this brand for years... Definitely try it

    Louise Berry
    Suzie's products are good for my face, all natural.

    I bought this product in Jan.. I have used it now for a little more than a month and my skin feels so soft and moist. I also bought the Calming Cream to soothe my sensitive face and it is working fine also my acne is clearing. I'm happy with it. The Charcoal Cleanser is the best.

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