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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sandra W
    A little miracle

    This tiny little container holds a really green and pasty miracle. I have very reactive skin and RA. I put this on my red face and it soothes and calms my irritated skin. It helps with acne too. It is very pasty, not like the photo.

    Patricia Kimball
    Suzie's Bio-Soothing Cream is great

    This cream definitely helps. I've been using it for awhile now (for occasional skin crises). And I'm always pleased with the shipping time, very fast

    Suzie's Customer
    small but it lasts for month/years

    The photo doesn't really show the size accurately so you may be disappointed when you open up the package. But trust me this small size always lasts months or over a year depending on how you use it. The only time I run through it fast is when I use it on my entire bikini after getting a Brazilian, and that uses up maybe 1/10th of the tub. Mostly I just dab it on my blemishes that are at the dried out, flaky stage. Its like Neosporin or other healing ointments. It is amazing at healing skin and soothing inflammation and redness. I love Suzie's products, I've been going to the spa for years. This is the same size it has always been. I have recommended this product to tons of friends and family, across all age ranges. It never causes break outs or clogs my skin. It starts off a thick green but melts into a white shiny cast on the skin, as long as you don't put too much you could even leave the house with it on because it gives you some coverage for redness and blemishes. I couldn't live without it.

    Great for deep cystic acne!

    I've been using Bio-Soothing Cream since a facialist recommended it to me.. I use it when I get a deep mountainous zit on my chin - the ones that never come to the surface. I take a tiny amount of cream and really rub it into the zit at night. Normally the zit is smaller by morning. You can also apply during the day but since it's green you'll need to tissue any extra off.
    The cream has a weird thick, oily, grainy texture, but don't let that turn you off. I like to think the grains help exfoliate the skin, letting the product absorb as I rub it in.
    Also, the tub is really tiny, but since you don't use much, it lasts me about 5 years, at which point it's still half full but I feel like I should replace it.

    This works great on pimples too

    This works great on pimples too. It reduces the swelling and makes the redness go away, my 16 year old uses it

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