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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Suzie's Customer
    Thick and cream with the scent of shea

    This is one thick, creamy moisturizer! Great for bed time.

    If you've got eczema, dry skin, or just want to up your moisture game, Suzie's Body Butter will do the trick. It is lusciously thick, and it stays on - not something that disappears in a few minutes.

    The scent is fine too, reminds me of shea butter.

    This could make for a great massage cream as the description indicates. Haven't tried that yet but absolutely planning on it!

    Probably don't want to put this on your face as it is so thick and oily, but anywhere else and you'll be silky smooth.

    Love this body butter; great smell & doesn't leave oily residue

    Suzie's Body Butter is an exotic mix of super refined butters, whipped to a silky consistency and using purified sea water and Soy Milk to replenish essential skin moisture I Recommended for dry, cracked hands and feet I Makes an excellent massage butter that melts nicely when coming in contact with body heat I Love Made in USA

    I like to use body butters and lotions on my legs and arms after a shower, but often have gripes with different products - not this one! It's got a great smell that reminds me of a spa (fruity and floral at the same time) but my favorite thing is the texture. It's a light texture that reminds me of a thicker pudding or custard, and it doesn't leave any oily residue behind. My skin has also felt soft and moisturized after regular use (I have been using it for around a week and a half, almost every day).

    Overall, no complaints so far - except maybe that I wish there was more in the container!

    Suzie's Customer
    Moisturizing, high quality body butter with a somewhat unusual scent

    Suzie's body butter is packaged nicely in a small screw top plastic tub that closes and seals well when not in use. The tub is a moderate enough size to give the user enough body butter to last awhile, without taking up too much countertop/drawer space.

    The body butter is smooth and moisturizing, I really appreciate the way it treats my skin after a shower, locking in moisture without feeling greasy or heavy on my skin. It smells a little bit unusual to me, almost a citronella smell, but lighter. It reminds me of the smell of a car wax, which really isn't my favorite scent for my skin, causing me to remove one star from my rating. I almost hate to do this, because the body butter is high quality and works extremely well, but the scent just isn't for me.

    I would not purchase this body butter in future because of my adversity to the scent, but I am curious about Suzie's other products and will look into them in future.

    Ballet Dancer
    A super product!

    Suzie delivers delicious feel and fragrance. The creaminess and ease with which it goes on is yummy. It's probably a good moisturizer too. I've used it for a couple of years and am back for more!

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