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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Russ David
    Very good product

    This is a very good product. My favorites are Suzie’s own and Sevich. Products always arrive very fast

    John Watts

    When Courve was discontinued around 2018, I couldn't believe it. Because if you used Courve in combination with Toppik, it was the best one-two punch to conceal hair loss. But for some unknown reason, the manufacturing of Courve ceased and sales of that hair loss concealer ended a few years ago, much to the horror of it's customers. Luckily in 2022, an Italian company began marketing an even better hair loss concealer than Courve and that is Coprillo Hair Loss Concealer. If you have a lot of hair loss, it is best to first apply Coprillo on your scalp as more or less a base for the second step, the application of Toppik. Toppik alone, by itself, is useless in anyone who suffers from a lot of hair loss. What I have found is that Coprillo is a much superior product than Courve ever was. In fact, I heard that the owners of Courve found out about Coprillo and they knew the towel in with their product because they knew Coprillo was a much better product than Courve. Which it is. It works, it works ell and it works best when you apply Toppik after applying Coprillo. And Coprillo is affordable. It is not sold at a rip off price.

    Caprilo vs Ecobell Concealers

    Ecobell & Caprilo concealers are about the same. It is easier to remove last bit out of ecobell tube. You can roll up to squeeze out like toothpaste tube. You can't do that with caprilo container. It is difficult to get last of product out & goes to waste. I used couvre until discontinued. DermaMatch did next to nothing. Powder sprinkle products are awful. Love most all color spray concealers. Most do get all-over until you have gotten better at using them. However, I am so glad we have options for these products to conceal hair loss.

    Thank you for the review. Although you can't get the last little bit out of the bottle you do get 100ml Coprilo for less then you pay for the 50ml Ecobell

    Steven B

    I've purchased the grey and black shades of Caprilo concealer and find it as good as Couvre. The grey is a little darker than I like but I use the Caprilo white enhancing wax to get the shade of grey I want. Good products.

    Peter P
    The search is over

    Finally found a product to replace couvre. After trying many inferior products to conceal my thinnning patches the way couvre successfully
    did, I came across this superb value for money product. It works the same way and gives every existing hair shaft volume and conceals bald patches adequately. I feel this goes on very well and I might need to apply less to get a great result.
    In summary, I've got my hair looking good again.

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