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    Customer Reviews

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    Awesome Concealer

    Works great. Practice makes perfect. Use a darker shade for fuller areas such as the crown and a lighter shade for the hairline. Use sparsely around the hairline. Works great with hair fibers.

    Like Product! 👍/ Noisy ball FAIL!👎

    I love the results that I get from this spray but absolutely hate that it has a noisy ball that my coworkers can hear spinning around in my backpack when I bring it to work. It sounds just like a spray paint can. If they put a rubber ball in the can that doesn’t make noise then I would give it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Louie Wisdom
    Very good product.

    The color you sent me was what I needed. I greatly appreciate the way you handled my situation. You were very prompt and caring making sure I received the product as quick as possible. I still haven't got the application right yet. I can't quite get the spraying of the hair product right. To dark in spots. Perhaps you have some ideas of how I may apply it. Maybe spraying on some fabric and then dabbing it on my scalp. I don't know if that sounds doable. I'd appreciate any advice.

    <p>As with all hair concealers there is a leaning curve to find what works for you, I personally use this product, Here are a few suggestions.
    <br>Before first use shake at least 30 sec,
    <br>After each spray shake a few times, If not shaken you get more concentration of color which can make it to dark.</p>

    <p>Although this is suppose to be sprayed about 3 inches away you can spray from farther away for a lighter effect
    <br>I actually use 2 colors myself I use the darker one first then I spay a lighter shade from farther away which also give it some dimensions keeping it natural</p>

    <p>I hope this helps</p>

    Takes Practice

    Like many of the reviewers, this is a great product, however, there are a couple negatives. First, you really need to practice to achieve the right amount to apply. The hairline is particularly difficult but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. The other negative is the product goes everywhere and not just on your hair. Just be careful when applying and practice how to apply it and you should be as happy as I am!


    This product just simply works for me. I’ll give it more than five stars if I could and the price is also very affordable. There is this product out there that is almost like Hairfor2 but costs over a hundred dollars and you have to buy the sealer spray to make it waterproof.
    I love Hairfor2 and the other concealers that’s available here. Thank you so much!

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