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    Customer Reviews

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    This product just simply works for me. I’ll give it more than five stars if I could and the price is also very affordable. There is this product out there that is almost like Hairfor2 but costs over a hundred dollars and you have to buy the sealer spray to make it waterproof.
    I love Hairfor2 and the other concealers that’s available here. Thank you so much!

    Works Well But Go Easy

    As advertised adds fullness but have to be careful applying where hairline meets face as product contains a lot of colorant. I have to go back after application and wipe overspray off my face with cleanser. My only complaint is I wish it contained more fibers and less of the color agent as it comes out of the can. That said it does the job and wears well once applied.

    Great Coverage!

    This fiber spray is the best i've used it covers my problem area easily and looks like real hair.Highly recommend

    Best Product Out There!

    OMGosh - This product is AMAZING! A little goes a long way. Highly Recommend for anyone needing to cover some scalp areas. I would LOVE to see you offer this product in the 400ml Size in the future. Thanks again for an amazing product!

    Thank Kathy
    We are starting to bring in the 400ml size

    They best coverage & Fullness

    Day 1: As a hairstylist here at Skin Care By Suzie I get to try all of the products, Hairfor2 absolutely gives you the best coverage & fullness of any of the products I have tried here. I have been using the Sevich scalp concealer and the Sevich Fibers, Although I like the coverage I did have to touch it up every day. . I included 3 photos, (before using), (After applying before styling) (after styling) Since this was the first time I tried the products I believe I may have sprayed a little to much, Like all hair concealers please be patient and take the time to learn to apply so are happy with the way your hair looks. The negative about this product: It is a spray so it will get on items around you so make sure you spray close and in short burst shaking the can in between each spray, do not use this like a hairspray. For the record I used the gray color. This is a small can 3.3oz so price wise it seems expensive but if you get up to 4 month as the manufacture claims then it is very cost comparative to other products, That depends on how often you apply. Me I only do my hair once a week because I don't like hassling with it and it looks better the 2nd or 3 day. This is waterproof , Although I have not gone swimming yet just trying to get the extra off of my forehead took some scrubbing. So give it a try as always we offer a 30 day money back if not happy.
    Day 2: No need to touch it up, Just sprayed water and combed into place. It also did not come off on my pillow.
    Update 08/07
    Added new photo using Medium Brown Hairfor2 Spray fibers then used Sevich white color wax over it, The more I work with this product the more I am liking it, I am now able to use much less then the first time.

    One more thing, Like all concealers they can make your hair dull so use a good spray shine product

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