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    Big Changes For kNutek MD

    Big changes for kNutek Skin Care

    UPDATE 10/31/2018:

    After having several meetings with kNutek we will be caring their products again, Currently they are only producing the 6 products below.   We will be having them create and produce these products under our brand so we can keep the name of the product the same as it has been for the last 20+ years.  We will always keep the prices as low as we can and of course have our discount and rewards. It will be taking us several weeks to get back up to speed.


    Since the passing of kNutek founder Jim Larsen the new management has decided to take kNutek in a new direction.  This includes the following changes;

    New Name:   LIV by  kNutek

    New product names & Prices

    (We have not received a complete list yet)

    Old Name                           New Name               Old Price                New Price

    A-Ro Balsam                       Edel Drape                  1oz $39                  2oz $85

    100% Oxygen Plasma         Elsket                          1oz $99                  2oz $199

    Omega Peel                        Ny                               2oz $38.95             2oz $85

    Whipped Oxygen Cream    Luft                             4oz $38.95             4oz $79  2oz $45.00

    Photoshopped                   Du                               1oz  $32.95             2oz $99

    Micodermabrasion            Glatt                             2oz  $38.95            $49.00

    Price Increase Sept 1 2018

    Update 09/03/2018:   The above 6 products are the only products LIV by kNutek will be producing at this time.


    This is an incomplete list as we get more information we will update this list.

    We are still evaluating these changes as to the impact is has on our business model as to if we will be able to move forward with LIV Products.

    As you see the retail prices for some item only increases a little but as for others i.e. Whipped Oxygen Cream This has a dramatic price increase , This is due to the fact that kNutek had been private labeling this product for us so we were able to keep the cost down last time they raised their prices, They are no longer private labeling.

    But one of the biggest changes is in our wholesale cost, This has gone up so much that if we do continue selling these product they would have to be excluded from our Online discounts, promotions and rewards.

    At this time we do not have any more information, The only price list they are sending are for the product above. Are they discontinuing the rest? We do not know

    Please direct your questions to  kNutek (888) 411-4242

    We would love to hear your feedback  (Be Nice) you can contact us here

    This is very disappointing for us here at Skin Care By Suzie, We have always appreciated our close working relationship with kNutek for over 20 years

    Thank you for your understanding

    Suzie & Scott

    Skin Care By Suzie

    New ! Healing Acne Treatment by Skin Care By Suzie

    New ! Healing Acne Treatment by Skin Care By Suzie - Skin Care By Suzie

    Try Today!

    After months of trials we are pleased to announce our new Healing Acne Treatment.

    This powerful acne  treatment is a maximum strength acne treatment. It penetrates the pores and dries and clears pimples and
    blackheads. In addition, it helps to keep new pimples and blackheads from forming. This effective ointment has been allergy tested and
    does not contain fragrance, parabens or artificial colors.

      • Dries and clears acne pimples and blackheads
      • Helps to keep new acne pimples and blackheads from forming
      • Allergy Tested
    • Powerful Acne Treatment
    • Allergy Tested
    • Oil-Free
    • Water Washable
    • No Artificial Colors
    • No Artificial Fragrances
    • No Parabens

    Active Ingredient
    Sulfur, 10%  –  Acne medication

    Inactive ingredient:

    Polyethylene glycol

    Click Here To Order


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