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Welcome to our newly re-designed site.

Welcome to our newly re-designed site. 0

To make a more pleasurable experience not only on a desktop but on your mobile we have completely re-designed our site. 
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Photo Shopped Cream Instant Wrinkle Reducer

Photo Shopped Cream Instant Wrinkle Reducer 0

            Are you suffering from skin wrinkles, even at a young age? Are you in your early thirties, but look like someone who is fifty, no thanks to those folds of skin on your face?
Get rid of those unsightly wrinkles right now with this innovative cream that has been specially formulated with you in mind.
You see, a lot of people – both men and women – go through life without much pleasure as a result of one skin blemish or the other. Wrinkled skin is usually a sign of aging, but it’s somehow surprising to observe that young people are plagued with this problem.
But not anymore.
Photo Shopped Cream Instant Wrinkle Reducer.
This new and creative product is a Miraculous Lifting Cream with Oxygen Plasma and MSM that helps to get rid of wrinkles in a few short days.
Photo Shopped Cream Instant Wrinkle Reducer is composed of anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory as well as skin restoring properties, fully packaged in one cutting edge eye cream!
The Photo Shopped Instant Wrinkle Reducer, when applied to the affected areas around your eyes, literally allows you to feed your skin with increased collagen and elastin formation.
Apply the Photo Shopped Instant Wrinkle Reducer cream around your eyes and on wrinkles as directed. For faster results, use Omega Peel at least once a week. The wrinkles will be gone in a few short days, and your face will look so clean and fresh, you will appear as if you were naturally Photoshopped!
The Photo Shopped Instant Wrinkle Reducer contains non-toxic and environmentally friendly ingredients such as glycerin, jojoba oil, Black Seed oil, vitamin E acetate, etc.
It has been dermatologically tested and declared to be safe for use after meeting all the requirements.
Get the Photo Shopped Instant Wrinkle Reducer cream today, and start your journey to a wrinkle-free lifestyle.

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Omega Peel has a brand new look, with a lower price and a larger size.

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When you apply a moisturizer to the skin without using the Omega Peel first, you seal in the dirt, bacteria, dead and dying skin cells in the pores and on the surface of the skin slowing the skin renewal process causing damage, break-outs, enlarged pore size and premature aging to the skin!
The Omega Peel solves this problem through exfoliation and extraction! It removes dead and dying skin cells, impurities and bacteria from the pores. By using the Omega Peel you have also removed the dead skin cell barrier for much deeper penetration of nourishments and of other treatments for the skin!

Skin care, as we know it, will never be the same with the introduction of this product.  By using applied physics to the physiology of the skin, a fundamentally new scientific way to perform a “quadruple” treatment of the skin has been developed. 

The “Omega Peel” extracts, massages, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin in one step. Effectively removes the dead skin cell barrier, opens the pores and speeds up skin renewal!
The Omega Peel is completely non-abrasive. non-acidic, non-irritating and non-traumatic unlike Alpha-Hydroxides, Face Scrubs, Enzymes or Masks that can damage the new skin tissue or cause skin hardening and cell build-up with frequent and prolonged usage. 

In order to avoid these negative side effects, learn the Dermacycling™ system from Knutek for how to properly use these products for maximum results!

By using the Omega Peel regularly you will achieve superior results in skin renewal and you will diminish the negative side-effects and enhance the positive effects of other treatment products.
The Omega Peel contains ingredients which penetrate deep into the pores where old cells cause premature wrinkles and a dull, lifeless appearance.
You’ll see, the Omega Peel acts like a magnet to remove microscopic impurities and old skin cells, increases the blood flow, effectively and more gently promotes growth of new cells, evens the skin tone and fades discolorations.

By cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin with Omega Peel you will reduce the age of the skin cells on your face and throat, giving you a more Fresh, Radiant and Youthful appearance.  
In fact, you will have Brighter, Smoother and Silkier skin in just one treatment…Guaranteed!

Skin Care By
The Omega Peel