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How to Live an Abundant Life


Most people are used to thinking of abundance as something outside, but it starts inside. This is great news because it means that no matter how challenging your situation is right now, you have the power to turn it around! Our goal is to give you the tools to attract abundance and prosperity, in all areas, easily, quickly and joyfully!

How to Attract with the Power of Desire

Have you reached a plateau in your manifesting? Or persuaded yourself that you’ll never get what you want so you’ve stopped thinking about it? From an energy creation perspective, that is the last thing you should do. The feeling of desire is a very powerful way that insures you bring good experiences into your life.

Desire, when used correctly can work for you. Focus on your desires and do it once a day and then forget about it. Forgetting about it after focusing on it causes a let go and expectation for it to arrive.

Having Trouble Feeling Abundant? Try This:

Go into a brainwave pattern and meditate, using the power of imagination to see and feel your goals as if they’re happening now. 

Use Appreciation to Attract More

Some people find it hard to be ‘grateful’ as it may remind them of religion or school doctrines. Gratitude in that sense was about being grateful as others have so little rather than just being grateful. If you appreciate something it appreciates in value.

Attracting Requires Self-Discipline

So what do these stars all have in common? Sir Paul McCartney, Donovan, Moby, Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Jennifer Aniston and Jeff Bridges? All of them meditate. The sort of meditation learnt on a healing course is easy and once practiced can be achieved in minutes to a state of deep peace. From deeper peace creativity and imagination can flourish to counteract any negative feelings. You also learn how to re programme the subconscious mind. 

Get Comfortable Being Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has an energetic "comfort zone" on the subject of money, and your personal set-point probably needs to be raised if you want to allow abundance into your life. And your comfort zone is the amount of money you feel most comfortable charging and having.

Written by Alexandra P. Brown of
Alexandra has a passion and unique talent for helping people transform & feel great about their lives. She is a catalyst, motivator and healer. Her motto: collaboration, co-operation, co-creation. She has helped over 16,000 people with psychic

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