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5 Must-have Tips to Consider When Wearing Midi Dresses


Midi dresses are the perfect addition to any girl’s wardrobe. Midi skirts can give a stunning look to any woman. However, many ladies experience shorter and stout look with midi dresses. This is because wearing a midi skirt is a bit tricky. So, does this means you can’t get a midi look? Of course, not! Below are some must-have tips that will help you get the desired look with midi dress:

How to Wear a Midi Skirt without Looking Short


Tip #1: Select the Right Length

This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a midi dress. If you want a midi dress that flatters your look, then make sure you choose the right length dress. Petite woman or woman with short legs look great in midi dresses that go over the knee while taller women can wear longer midis. Choose the right length and rock your midi look.

Tip #2: Wear Heeled Sandals

Make sure you obey this important rule while wearing midi skirts. As the midi dresses go below the knee, they can make you look short. And, if you are already petite, you might end up getting a stumpy look. Hence, we suggest that you should wear heeled sandals with your midis to elongate your legs and avoid the stumpy look.

Tip #3: Choose Right Accessories

When it comes to wearing midi skirts and dresses, don’t overdo your accessories. If you have selected patterned midi, then go with simple fashion accessories. However, if you are wearing a plain dark color midi dress for a night party, then you can use some bright accessory that complements your dress.

Tip #4: Choose Right Coat

You can wear a coat if you want to wear a midi dress during winters. Pick a coat which is as long as your midi skirt. It will help you look taller. Wearing longer coats with the midi dress can give you a perfect look in winters as well. Avoid wearing a short coat as it will make you look short.

Tip #5: Tuck a Top into a Midi Skirt

If you are wearing a midi skirt, then tuck in your shirt to get a more streamlined look. This will help you expose entire skirt from waistline to legs. You can also use short tops as shown in the above image.

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