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Long Tassel Necklaces Create a Casual Yet More Meaningful Look


The long necklace embellished with tassel becomes the choice of many girls and women to complete their beautiful look. In the morning, noon, or evening, just put on the necklace and the look will improve.

Indeed, tassel could be a religious statement due to the ornament is mentioned in Hebrew Bible as a way to remember the Lord’s commandment. Tassel is also used as ceremonial wear on graduation. When the tassel in the mortarboard is move from right to the left, it shows the student is officially graduated. However, as people appreciate the beauty of tassel, the ornament is eventually gain popularity as decorative entity. No matter who you are, you can wear tassel and just grasp the beauty without worrying of anything else.

There are many varieties of long tassel necklaces. It could be long necklace with single tassel or long necklace with multi-tassel. Single tassel looks simple and elegant while multi-tassel looks more glamorous. The tassel could be a traditional tassel made from threads or modern tassel made from other materials including beads, crystal, or metals. The necklace options are also wide-ranging from metal chain to colorful beads necklace. The tassel could be fixed on the necklace or it could be a pendant that you can put it on and off to various types of necklace for different look.

When it is the time to choose, you need to consider the appearance you want from the necklace. Today’s tassel necklace is beautiful jewelry. Depend on the material used on the tassel and the necklace, as well as the color; tassel necklace could create various looks. However, when the necklace is long, it mostly creates casual look for free-spirited aura. Since the tassel has a sense of tradition, it creates a more meaningful piece. Thus, long tassel necklaces could create a casual yet more meaningful look.

It makes perfect combination with a casual outfit such as t-shirt, tank top, blouse, shirt, etc. If you want to make it a bit serious look or slightly formal, combine it with blazer. If you want cheerful look, bright color will do. If you want, you can combine tassel necklace with other necklace. However, since long tassel necklaces are showy, the other necklace should be simple and small so the look will not be overstated.

Written by Budivis of
Fashion jewellery designer in Bali

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