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    All of the great reviews for Skin Care By Suzie at
    Based on 1400 reviews

    Best cream ever!!!

    Repeat buyer

    I’ve been ordering this product for awhile. It covers where I need to cover .It washes off easy. I got one for my friend and she loves it.
    PS I always get the powered one and it last all day.

    Amazing Mask!

    I LOVE this mask. I've got very oily skin, and whenever I'm having trouble with breakouts, I use this mask. It really peels off excess dead skin cells, leaving my face baby-soft. With new skin exposed, this allows my acne medicine to work even better. This mask is not for the faint-hearted; it IS uncomfortable to peel off, but for me, it's totally worth a little bit of pain to know I'm getting rid of all the gunk clogging up my pores. I highly recommend this mask!

    Light and lovely

    I only got to use this a few times so far. It's light and great price.

    Love it.

    The first 50% glycolic treatment seemed to be harsher. The new one is just as effective but gentler less down time. Customer service got right back to me when I asked if they were going to carry a new one. It is professional strength. I love this company .Thank you

    Simply perfect!

    I should’ve bought a years supply. Very satisfied with the results. It’s buildable, lightweight, blends beautifully, and looks natural.


    Product does not look any more realistic than other products I’ve used. It’s more expensive too.

    Service was great though. Fast shipping, great follow-up with a personal touch. Thank you.

    Love that tightening feeling!

    I mix this with my pumpkin enzyme masque or the seaweed masque and it feels great! I'm 70 and I need all the help that I can get. Love being able to do it at home. (a little pick me up during the pandemic :)

    Something new to try!

    I have only been using it for couple of weeks but I can see that my brows are growing in better again. The lashes I can't tell so much but hopefully they will thicken as well. No side effects that I know.

    So good!

    I love this new masque. I have had the Bion seaweed masque done by an esthetician and this is just as good to use at home. Maybe not as strong but great since my esthetican is no longer doing facials. No problems on sensitive skin like mine!

    Covers well

    The dark blonde hides the thinness well on the front area where its gotten very thin. Instead of seeing scalp, it looks like hair is thick.

    Great Company & Product

    I had a delivery issue. Skincare by Suzie’s customer service was absolutely outstanding!! - (super fast response and more than fair resolution)!! I have a very short haircut and use the product to cover emerging grays and camouflage badly thinning hair on the sides. Ordered dark brown & it matches perfectly.

    Regain your vanity

    This product is simply amazing....I’ve tried several including eufora which is supposed to be very good. It’s easy applicator gives you even coverage with no sticky feel like some products do. Pricing is extremely good. Thank you for giving me back my confidence once more. This is a MUST try and I know you will be as happy as I am....

    Great product and service

    Works great to hide your scalp in areas where one’s hair is thinning. Also helps to go a bit longer between gray root touch-ups. Really good customer service too. Product arrived promptly as always!

    Best Omega Peel

    I have been using this product for over 10 years. It is easy to use and you cannot go wrong with fresh, soft glowing skin after one use. No order or harsh chemicals to leave your skin feeling irritated. Can be combined with other regiments too.

    I like how this feels, goes on smoothe, absorbs quickly and is not greasy. I look forward to putting this serum on every morning and I can really feel a difference. It's full of the best ingredients too !

    Roller is great

    I really like the roller and can see the difference. I use it with the 100% Oxygen Plasma instead of the serum that came with it. I don’t care for the smell of the Matrixyl 3000 and found that once used with the roller that scent lingers. The scent was irritating enough that I could not sleep with it on my face and needed to wash a few times and apply tea tree moisturizer to cover the scent enough. (Clarify - the Matrixyl didn’t irritate my skin but the scent was too much for me)

    Wonderful product

    Love this light, non-greasy but amazing moisturizer. In addition to helping reduce fine lines it has helped fade age spots on my face. Bonus- it quickly clears up the blemishes I get after wearing my mask.


    Exceptional cream, goes on smoothly and moisturizes perfectly.

    OMG this product is amazing......

    OMG this product is amazing......I will order another one today. I was using Euforia fibers, but this is so much better as you can actually comb you hair when it’s applied. Covers better.

    Thank you for giving me My confidence back again.

    This product is excellent. Most eye creams break my skin out after a week or two, I'm on my second bottle of this with no issues. It feels fantastic, and the skin around my eyes stays hydrated all day. Love this so much I bought some for my daughter.

    Excellent Product

    I didn't think Oxygen Cream could be improved, however this product, Rich Whipped Oxygen Cream very quickly proved me wrong. It
    feels wonderful, soaks in fast, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished. I used it mostly at night on my hands and face since it's a bit thicker, however I also put it on before working out in the yard to protect my skin from the wind and cold. Great product!!

    15% Glycolic Treatment Gel.

    This product is a staple in my daily facial routine. I apply after cleansing my face, combined with my favorite facial serums. It always leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturized. I follow with the Crystal Blue Oxygen Cream or Suzie's Oxygen Rich Silk Gel. :)

    Love it

    I used this in conjunction with the glycolic peel and my blackheads were gone.

    Love it

    Gentle peel. No burn. Exfoliated all the small blackheads in the T zone.