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    All of the great reviews for Skin Care By Suzie at
    Based on 1915 reviews
    Highly Moisturizing

    This is my 2nd bottle. Love it more than any other eye cream I have used---and that has been many! Love how it spreads. Does NOT travel into my eyes or causes issues with makeup. Stays put and in place. I use it in the corners and have found the dry parts of my inner corners are now soft and velvet like! will continue to purchase. Give it a try if your on the fence you will not be disappointed. No smell. Wish it came in a jar and not a pump instead.

    No Foundation Needed!

    I use the tinted day moisturizer on days when I apply some makeup. No foundation is needed. This moisturizer goes on smoothly and covers most of the imperfections. Light tone is perfect on me.

    Lemon Sugar Scrub
    Kristy Arbiso
    Nice scrub!

    I thought I would give it a try, and I’m glad I did it’s very nice scrub that isn’t harsh on the skin and with has a pleasant lemon scent.

    Ultra Moisture Renewal
    Lise Antonacci
    Extra boost for cold weather.

    I love this for the cooler fall temps but especially for the cold Midwest weather. My cheeks used to get flaming red with my rosacea during the winter months but with the Ultra Moisture Renewal I’ve seen a huge decreases.

    Feel the Vitamins

    I use this in the evening and I can feel the vitamins working. I like it at night because the texture is a little strange to me and I like it as treatment as opposed to a moisturizer. Good product.

    Calming and Moisturizing

    I have very sensitive, inflamed and hormonal skin. This moisturizer is wonderful. It calms my red face and does not make me break out. Its also great for moisturizing without the heavy greasy feeling of some moisturizers. I highly recommend for sensitive or reactive skin.

    Need the medium brown.

    I’m pleased with the product but also need the medium brown as with the dark they blend to provide my hair color.
    When do you expect replacement supply?

    very light and refreshing

    i like the feel of this moisturizer. you don't need much to apply to your whole face. there is a more herbal scent than some other moisturizers but it softens after application. this and the whipped oxygen are my favorite products so far. i love how much you get for your money too.

    Great spray at 100ml

    Suzie has been great at adjusting my purchase from a 200 ml which gave me issues of not working properly. The 100 ml works perfect. It is a great product that last and it smudges less on fabrics and hand. Just follow directions and shake it well.

    Pumpkin Enzyme
    Smells amazing!

    Pumpkin Enzyme Puree smells amazing and is truly wonderful. I received this product as a sample and I was sold. Your skin will feel as smooth as a baby's bum and is absolutely refreshing. Go for it!

    My favorite!

    Vital silk multivitamin treatment, a product of Susie's Pro Series skin care is one of my absolute favorites. I use this product in a cocktail with a combination of a hydro shield Ultra moisturizing face serum along with Susie's glycolic gel gx-50. A little bit goes a long way. The combination of the essential oils has given it a beautiful smell. It is silky smooth and absorbs right in to your skin. This product is definitely a must-have in your skin regimen. Love, love, love.

    Simply the best!

    This is a light moisturizer that smells absolutely fabulous. It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly and is not greasy. I love this moisturizer, it is simply the best.

    Great product!!

    This product is strong yet not abrasive. I love the fact that my teenage son and I can both benefit from the same product. PS-Super good communication from customer service, which is much appreciated (and greatly lacking) these days.

    Replacement of Couvre

    I've been using Ecobell Alopecia Masking Lotion every since Couvre disappeared. It works just as well for me as it did


    I LOVE this. After years of thinning hair due to medication, I FINALLY found something that hides it. If you didn't know about it, you couldn't tell. I have salt and pepper hair and have figured out how to layer grey and dark brown to match my natural color.


    Can definitely feel the tightening within minutes will buy again

    This product is absolutely amazing!

    I know its crazy but I hate pedicures, but I love my heels soft and this product for me is like having a pedicure everyday! I use one of those food serving disposable gloves to apply since its so creamy, but I share this only because that's how creamy and luxurious it feels. It the first thing I use when I get out of the shower.

    The Absolute Best

    This product is amazing! I have tried so many products that turned into disappointment. Finally hit the jackpot with this product. Follow directions and you will be nicely surprised! : )

    Ginseng Astringent
    Lindsey Reese
    Gentle and Cleansing!

    I have sensitive skin and most products tend to strip my skin of moisture. Not this Astringent! It cleans impurities and brightens my complexion without drying my skin. The natural fruit acids help to restore my skin. I love it!


    Amazing product. Hydrating, soothing, calming. Use alone, or to help absorption of other moisturizers or serums.

    Work great

    These are a huge hit with my aunts and uncles. They work very well for cleansing, acne, brightening, like if you have freckles or sun spots (which is a major issue for the women in my family). The ingredients are all the good stuff rolled into 1 convenient pad. The pads are moist, not paper thin, and smell lovely, a faint bitter almond/cherry smell. May sting if you're sensitive. Im a bit sensitive. I find that I can tolerate the 8% mandelic serum from bion better than the 5% pads. Not sure why. Anyway, they are potent and actually work. I recommend giving them a shot.

    10% Glycolic Cream
    Bridget Palecek
    The Best Cream For Smooth Skin

    I love Suzie's Glycolic creams because they keep my skin free from all blemishes and my skin breathes freely without clogging any pores. After using this cream my face is so smooth and clear. I love it!

    Hair building fiber

    I like the results after I use it, thanks

    Never without it!!

    Love, love love this product. I've been using Bion (cleanser) for years and will not give it up. Tried other cleansers but always went right back to Bion. My skin feels clean and soft and smooth. Recently gave one of my bottles to my sister and she is now hooked :)

    Nice, light eye serum

    This eye serum is lovely. It’s light on the skin, absorbs well, and it smells divine! Highly recommended!

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