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I sit at a desk all day

I sit at a desk all day, every day. Even though I go to a chiropractor regularly, I often have neck and shoulder pain. I prefer natural products – you know the ones where you can read and understand the words in the ingredients list. When I compared the ingredients of Relief to other products out there – I was sold.

I’ve been using Oxygen Pain Relief for a few months now. I’m really amazed by how much it helps relieve pain. I’ve used another popular menthol-based product in the past. Because of the strong smell, I hated to put it on before work…and didn’t like putting it on before bed. It would relieve the pain, but I found it does it by tricking the nerve endings with hot and cold.

Relief is totally different. It has NO ODOR and gets absorbed quickly – so I use it regularly before work and before bed. (I sometimes have a bottle in my desk drawer too.) You won’t “feel” it doing anything. There’s no hot or cold feeling. You might even think “this isn’t doing anything” – then a few minutes later, you realize the pain has decreased. It really works for me.

Recently, I pulled a muscle

Recently, I pulled a muscle or something in my lower back, hip area. After multiple trips to the chiropractor and applying various ointments, I tried Derm Creations Oxygen Pain Relief Gel. After a few nightly applications to the affected area, I finally found relief. This product seemed to work better than any of the more well known products on the market. I highly recommend this Relief!”

A must have!

I truly love this product. I have been using this for about a month and the results are impressive. The serum goes on so smooth and soaks right in. It is very light, like there is nothing on my skin. I have discoloration on my face and it has really lightened those area. My skin is much brighter. It's exciting to see the changes. I have been using it both morning and night. I will be ordering this serum again and recommend it.

Great product

I purchased this product 3 weeks ago and it does what it says. It is gentle and you just dampen you face and rub in gentle circles. You can see the dead skin balling up. My face feels so good afterwards. It has definitely helped keep my skin fresh and not
dull at all. I use it 1 to 2x a week.

Best scalp concealer!!

I love this product and refer my friends to check it out. Goes on smoothly and not cakey. Comes in a compact that looks like makeup so no one knows if you’re uncomfortable about your hair loss/thinning hair. Excellent hair products. I’m very pleased.

Does the trick

Works better than other products i've used .

Best I have found.

Here at Skin Care By Suzie we do not sell health related products because our expertise is in skincare. But our manufacture of our Oxygen Rich Silk Gel introduced this to me I had to try is since I love the Oxygen Gel and I suffer from cronic pain do to muscle and nerve damage for my cancer surgery, When I first applied this my neck shoulders and arms I didn't think much about it because it is oderless and no heat or coloing sensation, So I went back work, Being a hairstylist as you can image cronic pain in your arms is a problem, Well in very short time I noticed the pain was gone. and without the nasty smell of menthal mad me a believer
So we are now in the pain relief business! Try this today as with all of our products the come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarentee.

Perfect for travel, super hydrating

Wow, I am just so impressed with this selection of products - really high quality! I got this set right before my long trip to the Philippines - I was concerned about being in that dry airplane air for so long and I wanted something easy to pack for the hotel. I looked around at other stores, but I couldn't find a set that is both vegan and not crazy expensive.

The volume (of each product and combined) meets the airline carry-on standards and the bag is so slim it fit in my carry-on bag pocket (easy to take in and out on the plane). I used all, but the cleanser on the actual plane to keep my skin hydrated and refreshed (I brought cleansing wipes for the plane). The Oxygen Gel felt especially good.

I like that all the products are either unscented or minimally-scented. I think just the cleaner has a scent and it is a very mild almond scent. I didn't want to offend anyone on the plane with strong smells!

Each product is great on its own, but I think they're even better when used together. The Oxygen Silk Gel layers nicely with the MSM moisture serum, then depending whether it's morning or night I use the Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream or the Titanium Sunscreen. Unlike other sunscreens, this one feels really nice as a base under foundation. It's not greasy and absorbs completely in the skin, so it didn't make my foundation messy or streaky. Not sure I'd wear the sunscreen on its own (without additional sunscreen in my foundation), but it's awesome as a light-weight base layer.

Anyway, this review is REALLY long, but hopefully it's helpful!

Fantastic pencil

I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil! It really picks up the exact color of my eyebrows, and fills in the few sparse areas I have. After using it, my eyebrows look great. I will definitely continue buying it!
Very happy customer!

Great product.

Love the product and Suzie’s Service

Bison Line Reducing Complex

Great start to the day. Helpful in reducing lines around eyes and mouth.

BiOn Youthful Eyes

I am very pleased, this cream is perfect to my skin!

Love it

Pure Hydration is perfect to my skin!

I went in to purchace a Pure Hyluronic form another brand they sel

I went into Suzie's Spa to purchase a Pure Hyaluronic from another brand they sell but they were sold out so they offed me this with the guarantee that if I didn't like it I could trade for the one I wanted when it came back in stock. Well you know what? I love this!!

Thank you Cheryl for letting us know that you love the product, We are very excited about our new Vegan line of products.

Skin Care By Suzie has been incredibly helpful and generous in helping me get too the bottom of my hormonal acne skin. I was sent this kit, ( Free of charge, since it was damaged ans unable to be sold) after speaking to Scott about my struggle with another product U purchased. With their advise, I went to an esthetician who uses Bion to have me skin cleansed and to receive a couple aggressive Peels. Post treatment and after 2 weeks using the Acne Kit for Dry Skin my chin is FINALLY recovered and healing beautifully. I’ve been ordering from Suzie for well over 3 years? and will continue to do so. ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you Rene, Anytime you need advise please feel free to contact us.
Some new regrowth

I have gad some regrowth but have only been using this product for
a couple of weeks. I will need a few more weeks of use to give a better review but shows promise,

My husband tried this cleanser this week and was shocked at how great his skin looked. It’s as soft as a baby’s be-hind, and no more flakiness.

Oh So Soft

This is amazing, My skin has never felt so soft for so long, I also suffer from Rosacea and this has helped a lot. Suzie sent me a sample, I loved it so much I bought a day later.

Great stuff!

Does more than advertised! Si happy I got a sample with my last order. Thank you!

Thanks Margie, Your skin looks beautiful.

Helps my oily skin stay clear.

Gentle but Effective

I have been using this cleaner for over a decade and enjoy the clean norishing feeling it gives my skin.

Skin feels great all day

Have been looking for a replacement for my other Oxygen serum which has just become to expensive for me, I have Rosacea and this has has just been great for it. Thanks

Thank you for letting us know about how it is working for your Roacea.
Thanks Suzie

I bought this because Suzie sent me a sample with my purchase of the Whipped Oxygen Cream, I tried it and loved it and since kNutek doubled the price of their products this is now my favorite and the fact it is all natural I am all in.

Thanks Mary, We are very happy with this product and we are glad you are also
Suzie Product

Glad that Suzie has her own line. I enjoy the size of the cleanser which comes at a great value. Skin get clean and after switching for the previous one I have absolutely no problems. Wonderful product!
Keep going, Suzie!!

Bion Toner

Excellent toner. Leaves skin refreshed and ready for hydration, gets the job done, which is all I ask for.