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Awesome product

Thanks Suzie!

Thanks Suzie! I love my new mask. I have been using 3 times a week and my complexion is really looking good.

Thanks Elaine, Love the picture. It was nice talking with you on the phone, If you need anymore recommendations please feel free to reach out to me. Suzie
Glycolic Skin Cream

love the product.

Great Product

Bion makes great products that make your skin feel moisturized and protected from dirt and grime. Love it.

Topical Shader

It really is a great product to produce a very natural looking hairline for those of us who have a receding hairline, very natural looking, I highly recommend this product.


I alternate the whipped oxygen cream and the alpha cream every few months as directed. I feel it a very effective product.


Shills Black Head Peel Mask.


Whipped Oxygen Cream w/Oxygen Plasma

Much better then my handheld

This is so much better then my handheld unit, I have this now 3 weeks and I love the way it works, The hand held I always felt the benefits were spotty because I was always having to move it around. This give full complete coverage. My Skin Loves It!

Excellent, Thank you Margies
great moisturizer

Soft and rich, gentle for sensitive under eye area.

Thanks GUoda , We appreciate your business
Helpful Product

This helps with complexion and to lessen scars. My only complaint is this last only a few weeks so it's kind of costly.

Thanks Jamie, We appreciate your business
Great Product Great Price

I love how this feels and saw a difference in my skin. I also think this helps get tan and not red if you use an SPF. Also think its a good price and using this a few times a day it lasts.

Thanks Jamie, We appreciate your business
i love this product

love the product and the skin care by suzie website. my skin feels soft and looks so much healthier with the whipped oxygen cream. i swear my skin smiles when i put it on!

Thanks Stacy , We appreciate your business
LED facial mask

I like the product.. very easy and simple to used!!!!!!!

Try it - you'll love it!!!

This product is amazing! We ordered it to conceal a balding spot on my husband's crown and it really does the job. Very easy to use, not at all messy -- I highly recommend and think the before / after photos tell the story. Try it, you'll love it!

michele macbride

Absolutely the best cream available. Usually cream is either too heavy on the skin, or so light it disappears instantaneously. The whipped oxygen cream with oxygen plasma is a refreshing and nourishing, with a wonderful feel to the skin.
I use it every day, and I look younger than my 74 years!

Thanks Michele, We appreciate the feedback and business.
Amazing Toner!

The msm and tea tree really helps keep with the healing process of the skin and keeping breakouts at bay.

Thanks Gian, We appreciate the feedback and business.

2 Shills Black Peel Mask + 4 Pilaten Single Use Pack

Thanks Christian For taking the time to give us feedback. We appreciate it.

My sister in law made me buy this stuff. She said it's get rid of "undergrounders” (aka painful deep cystic zits) and I was like 'whatever hippie nothing gets rid of those things not even steroid injections because YES, I’ve gotten injections on two different occasions and they help but don’t actually get rid of the cysts and therefore your hippie clay whatever will not do what steroids injections can’t even do.’ But I bought it anyway because my hippie sister in law is the best source for all things skincare. And by golly it worked. It seriously did. Within 8 hours, the swelling substantially improved. 2-3 days later and my undergrounders were gone. NOT EXAGGERATING RIGHT NOW. Buy this stuff. Do it right now. Don’t argue with me. PS I’m pretty sure that review vvvvvvv down there was written by my sister whom I convinced to buy it, too.

Thanks Joannne For taking the time to give us feedback. We appreciate it.
Intaglio purchase

Products are amazing and the customer service is wonderful too! Im in canada and i cant believe how fast my stuff gets shipped to me. Im very happy:)

Thanks Jana For taking the time to give us feedback. We appreciate it.
My skin definitely likes the Innisfree masks

My skin definitely likes the Innisfree masks. I love the rice masks and decided to try the shea butter one to see if it would help my latest rosacea outbreak.
The shea butter mask doesn't have as much serum as the rice one but it's still moisturizing.
It has a pleasant scent but thankfully, it doesn't have that sweet scent. (not my favourite)

Like other face masks, there is a residue afterwards and I gently pat the excess with a face cloth and gently rub in the remainder.

Thank You for taking the time to give us feedback. We appreciate it.
The Tea Tree mask is my favorite

The Tea Tree mask is my favourite mask of all time, and not just from innisfree. It moisturises away my odd dry spots when they pop up and is enough to keep them away for a good amount of time. It also soothes the eczema on my face when I have a break out, completely heals any irritation, redness and itch for a good few days or even a few weeks before they come back (and with my eczema being as bad as it is, that's a huge miracle). Although it's pretty heavy, it doesn't break me out either, and its one of the few masks without alcohol as one of the top few ingredients.
I've repurchased this multiple times and will continue to do so.

Thanks Jan, Since this is a new product that we are enjoying in our salon we appreciate the feedback
Try a trial package!

If you’re not sure what the best products are for your skin, if available, purchase a trial size first. You’ll have enough product fir a couple of weeks at least. Then you can feel more comfortable and confident with your next purchase!

Thank You for taking the time to give us feedback. We appreciate it.

Recipient loved it.

Thank You for taking the time to give us feedback. We appreciate it.
Happy , Happy

Really happy with my purchase, Been using for 30 days now. It has really helped my skin

Thank Ellen, Being a new product we are very happy you like it and took time to review, We have been using in our spa for a while now and we and our customers are also very happy with it.


Great Product

Been using this for over a year love the way it cleans your skin and the very light fragrance! quick shipping too


Play Dirty Dry Wax - Style Sexy Hair

Great product

Works amazing...easy to use and affordable.

Thanks Louie, I am so happy you like our product
Love all my products!

I always order my skincare products from Suzie’s! They have a great selection and wonderful customer service!

Thanks Louie, I am so happy you like our products
Texture Spray

Awesome buy. This product makes my fine, thin hair have tons of body and texture. Will buy again and again.

Thanks Carla I am so happy you like our products
Love it!

Love the way it feels and how clean my skin feels after. Will be getting more!

Thanks Autumn, I am so happy you like our products
Excellent Daytime Moisterizer

Moisturizer goes on perfectly and absorbs beautifully. Very moisturizing for daytime use. It would be fine for nighttime too but I use BiON's Bio-Essence Nighttime Calcium Complex at night.

Excellent Mask

I love this mask. Easy to apply and my skin feels wonderfully soft afterwards. Will definitely purchase again.

Black mask

I love the product! Shipping was super fast and I was always notified to keep me up to date with my order. Will definitely be ordering again!

Thanks Autumn, I am so happy you like our products and service

Best lotion I have ever used. Have used for over ten years. Nothing else compares.

Thanks Carol, Always nice to hear from you. Thank you again for your business

Smells orgasmic

Thanks LAila , For taking the time to let us know Thank you for your business
Love this cream!

I've been using this microdermabrasion cream for years and love it.

Thank you Rita, Appreciate your business
Not great for me

I was a bit disappointed that it did not blend as well near my hairline and seemed to need reapplying. Had better results with the product that requires some water to apply.

Thank you for the feedback Marilyn, It is different type of product then the water based concealers.

I bought this to replace an older hand held light therapy machine. I have struggled with acne and scaring and this mask has made a noticeable difference in my skin in using it a few days. I primarily use the blue purple and red lights. I have never used purple before for acne scars and I love it. It is so simple to use and I like using it before bed when I am laying down. Would highly recommend. Works better than the original one I paid hundreds of dollars for and also has more options!

Best Eye Cream

I am very pleased with this Eye Cream. Goes on smoothly, moisturizes well, reduces puffiness, reduces fine lines. The best part for me is that it doesn’t sting if it gets in your eyes. Highly recommend!

Wonderful Moisturizer

I love love this moisturizer. I have a tendency towards breakouts even at 62 yrs old . I have a hard time finding something that is light but moisturizes well and leaves your skin smooth. This moisturizer is winner!

Really works



i love this product beyond belief, couldn't live without it

Thanks Suzie!

You sent a sample of the Glycolic Mud Cleanser with a previous order and it was fabulous. I finally ordered a full size bottle!


kNutek Omega Peel

Wonderful results

Love how this makes my skin look... So even and smooth! Will definitely continue using!