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    All of the great reviews for Skin Care By Suzie at
    Based on 1059 reviews
    Great Cream

    I use this cream every day and absolutely love it.


    I am happy to find a replacement for the discontinued couvre. I dislike the powdery fiber products, but also really love color sprays. All can be messy, but with continued use, you find ways to alleviate it. For someone who suffers from alopecia hair loss, it allows you not to have to wear wigs everyday & to feel somewhat better out in public where so much emphasis is on looks.

    Fills In Nicely

    Is a comparatively inexpensive alternative to Toppik fibers.

    Good Stuff

    A good replacement for Couvre.

    Best Product!!!!

    Have been using it for many many years . Absolutely love it


    Love! Love! Love the blonde scalp concealer! One less thing to worry about!!

    The easiest way for smooth and radiant skin!

    Wow! Ever since I have bought this product, I love the way my face feels. It glows and brightens my complexion, and when I use it before wearing makeup, my face looks flawless. It is life changing!

    Great Products

    Love this company, its products and its customer service!

    Great Products

    Love my stuff, and really love the customer service!!!

    Great stuff

    The Bion sunscreen has a nice smell to it and it applies evenly. Goes on smooth and is not too thick.

    Highly Recommend!

    I continue to do business with Skincare by Suzie due to the hassle free rewards program, strong customer service and super fast shipping. I highly recommend this business.

    Works well

    Has been a nice complement to my hair product routine

    Great sunscreen

    Goes on smoothly and feels nice and light. I am very pleased.

    Great product

    Love love love this product. I use it every morning and night. Makes my skin look smooth and my skin feels great when I use it
    I will keep buying this cream

    Fantastic product, Fast Shipping

    Fantastic, have been looking for a replacement to Toppik's concealer that was discontinued and this is better. The Med Brown looks reddish out of tube, but once on matches. Just apply a little more if want sightly darker shade. The Dark brown is very dark, suggest using lightly especially around front hairline. I recommend this product as it conceal s very well and is rain proof (washes away with shampoo), also will scrape off if touched firmly. It is a good base for powered filler hair concealer products Skin Care By Suzie shipped same day I order arrived 2 days later with the free shipping, Thank you Suzie


    Love this lotion and Skincare by Suzy provides great service

    Mud Cleanser

    I love this wash!

    So far I am loving this serum. Been using it for a couple of months. I have to say, I am very happy with Suzie's Own products. They seem to work as well as my favorite Knutek products.


    Love the way this feels on my skin. Light and very hydrating. Makes my skin feel so soft and supple. It's amazing!!


    Best stuff ever!!! I've been using it for years. Gives my skin a glow and protects it from damage. It's one of my "little secrets". People are always commenting on my skin. I always tell them about this product.

    Great product!

    As a past user of Couvre, I found Ecobell masking lotion to be a perfect replacement product. The only thing that could be improved upon is for it to be available in gray. Thank you!

    Thanks Chris for the review, Gray as well as other colors should be available around Sept.
    Thank you

    I am grateful that a good company, Skin Care by Suzie, has taken over this kNutek line, these products are superior to anything I have tried on my skin. This cleanser IS perfectly balanced, it doesn’t dry my skin or make me break out -the only product I can say that about. Great customer service! Order was packed well and arrived promptly.

    Sample First!

    Love being able to try a sample size of a product before getting a full size. It makes so much sense!

    Night Hydration

    This is a great product to help replenish winter weary skin!

    Thank you

    Fantastic samples.. my skin feels refreshed and smooth.. I will try two more this week to make sure they agree with my skin