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    All of the great reviews for Skin Care By Suzie at
    Based on 1874 reviews
    Another great product

    I love all the Bion products. This one is light and really seems to moistureize well. Another winner in my book!

    Coprilo Hair Loss Concealer is finally THE replacement for Couvre

    Coprilo Hair Loss Concealer is finally THE replacement for Couvre everyone has been hoping for! It is Couvre resurrected. Forget Ecobell. Makes all the difference in your looks. The bottles are larger than the old Couvre tubes. You get more. Combine it w/ Toppik for a better camouflage. No one will know. Use applicators from DermaMatch, they work much better than pads & are cheap. You can get them without having to buy DermaMatch. Try what I say just once & you'll be doing it over & over again


    My best friend recommended this product to me and after ordering it I am so very happy I did. No mess and no fuss. I also bought one for my daughter in Auburn and she too says it has worked miracles on her hair look. We both will definitely but this product again and again and again. This is the best product on the market. I have for years tried so many different products to help me with my very thin hair. Thank you.

    Love the built in applicator

    I have been using Coprilo Hair Since it came out and I am really happy with it. I saw this new size with the built in applicator and I thought it would be perfect for traveling . It is! You just twist the bottom and the color cream come up in the middle of the applicator, It works great

    Hairfor2Hair Loss thickener

    I am very fortunate to have found this product… it is amazing. I do not have to use as much in spraying….that I do w a less expensive product. This is a life saver…thank u, Olga

    Heavenly product.

    I was introduced to this product by my cosmetologist more than 20 years ago. Even though she has since retired, we remain in touch. She recommended that I continue to use it. I am very happy to be able to buy it. I enjoy the lightness and the way it absorbs and keeps my skin so soft. Thanks so much for keeping it available Suzie.

    First time I've tried this product

    I'm very impressed how light it is, yet very moisturizing and not oily. I really like it and will purchase it again!

    Great Concealer

    This concealer is really good. I like it much better than the Ecobell masking lotion. It does not rub off and stain my pillow case like the Ecobell and it looks more natural. I highly recommend.

    just as good a Couvre!!

    This product was wonderful

    So soothing!

    I had cataract surgery in December and unfortunately the skin around my eyes has aged about 10 years from this surgery. The skin around my eyes is very sensitive and usually can’t tolerate any treatments. This product is different. I had no negative reaction. Great product!

    Wonderful Product

    I am turning 73, had a mini facelift 4 years ago and have started to see my aging lines back. I started using this product recently and my skin feels so soft and my skin texture is brighter. I haven’t used long enough to notice line reduction but so far so GREAT!

    My husband loves it!

    Great product, excellent results, easy to apply! Reasonable cost!


    I had been using DermMatch dark brown. I tried two Suzie colors, Med brown and Dark brown. Med was too light a tone, but the Dark was just right. The DermMatch dark is more like a brown/black and was too much. The Suzie is more of a truer dark brown and not as harsh on me.

    I only use it in a few spots at the hairline to even it out. I find using it dry makes it easy to handle, more like an eye shadow, and much quicker than having to use it wet. The compact size of the case is perfect.


    This brow definer pencil doesn’t need to be advertised It has been on the market for ever I’ve been using for over 30 years long time before I had my brow tattoo done and after Always ordered directly from brand but this time was pleasantly surprised by great service and quick delivery I had my daughter and my granddaughter start using it too It’s definitely UNIVERSAL

    Thank God

    Thank God that I found a product that it, I was embarrassed to go out and this product hiding the bald spots worked great...I wash my hair every 3 days and it last that I won't have to make mud in my back yard to cover my bald spots...lolololo

    A most have!

    A new permanent part of my skin care routine. It is everything I had hoped it would be.

    Amazing product

    I love this product. I use it whenever my skin is irritated or just needs a refresh. It feels lovely and immediately deep cleans and calms any irritations. Skin is so fresh and soft after rinsing it off. Highly recommended!!

    SEVICH Hair Building Fibers 100g Refill

    Works like a charm, would not go out in public without it, Thanks!

    Excellent product

    The first order I placed was the incorrect color (my fault). I returned that order, and received an order with the correct color.
    The replacement order was the perfect color, and the exchange was made with no problem. The Ecobell lotion does a great job of hiding my bare spots. Thank you!

    Great Moisturizer

    Got this as a sample and really liked this product. Light moisture and non-irritating. Suzie has been awesome getting me the skin care I need.

    Great Leave In

    This leave in conditioner really helped detangle my hair and make it more manageable.

    Coprilo Hair Loss Concealer
    Ronald Waliszewski
    I have been looking for a product like Caprilo

    have been looking for a product like Caprilo for quite some time, I find it very easy to apply and it performs well  !!!    

    Great for Acne-Perimenopausal

    I learned of this product when Suzie sent it as a free sample with a Masque that I ordered. I tried it and was amazed how it began to heal my acne bumps near my chin within a few weeks. A little goes a long way. I look forward to continuing the healing process with this order of Blemish Control. In two months, I have ordered at least five products from Suzie and another on the way. I am very pleased with the quality. I am HOOKED! Thank you Suzie!

    Sheer Moisturizing Tinted Sunscreen
    Janet J.
    Best Sunscreen EVER!!!

    Not only is the the best sunscreen ever it is the Best Foundation EVER!!! weightless and gorgeous!!! NEVER stop making it...PLEASE!!!!

    Sheer Moisturizing Tinted Sunscreen
    Alexis I
    Excellent product a tinted moisturizer

    It's amazing Suzie sold this to me after my facial. She said it was good and in fact, it's great.
    Great for aging skin and makes me look "fresh."

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