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    Waxing After Summer

    Waxing after summerFall is here and bikini season is over, so you may think that it’s also time to take a break from your waxing regiment.  However, here’s why you should be waxing year round.


    Winter weather dries skin out, leaving it tight, itchy, flaky and dull.  Products like scrubs are often touted to remove dead skin cells, but the most abrasive products scratch (and even damage) skin.  Waxing, however, effectively exfoliates the skin while removing hair.  You’ll notice that waxed skin is smoother and looks more radiant than before waxing.  Your skin will look fresh and beautiful all year long.


    Another major reason not to give up your waxing regime has to do with the long-term benefits of waxing versus shaving.  Waxing, over time, thins out the hair follicle, and waxed hair grows back softer and sparser.  So, the more you wax, the better results you’ll have in the long run.  Why miss out on opportunities to improve the quality of your hair growth just because it’s winter?  Keep waxing and by the following summer you’ll be better off than last year.


    Finally, you should be waxing year round because you never know when you’ll be showing a little bit of extra skin. Whether at the gym or on a surprisingly warm day, you’ll be prepared and you’ll avoid the embarrassment of unsightly razor stubble.


    So don’t take a seasonal break from waxing – keep it up and enjoy the benefits all the way to next summer. Your skin will thank you.


    Suzie Burnham

    Skin Care By Suzie

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