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    skincarebysuzie — Hair Care

    You need to use a Blow Dry Accelerator

    You need to use a Blow Dry Accelerator - Skin Care By Suzie

    We’ve all used blow dryers before -As a stylist here at Skin Care By Suzie I know I have – What a lot of customers do not realize is how quickly blow drying can affect your skin and your scalp.  Blowing hot air on your skin can increase the dryness which leads to pre-mature aging, flakiness, and scalp problems. That’s why I use the Brilliance Blow Dry Accelerator on all of my customers every time I style their hair and recommend they use it also. The product helps to speed drying time by as much as 40%, which is great for people who are pressed for time or for those who are suffering with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. 

    Speeding up your blow drying time also cuts down the heat damage to your hair.  When I started researching this product, I was also surprised to find that Brilliance uses Moroccan Argon protects hair from intense heat and seals the cuticle during flat ironing, curling ironing. After using Brilliance Blow Dry Accelerator, my clients hair feels SO much smoother, softer, and it is shiny!  Hence the name Brilliance.

    To use  this product you just spray liberally though out your damp hair. When blow drying  keep the blow dryer moving until your hair is about 80% dry then start using your brushes to style, Most of my client’s hair is mostly dried and ready for styling in 7 – 15 minutes depending on how thick and long their hair is. 

    Overall, I love this product. The results are fantastic! It’s definitely worth the money spent – I would definitely recommend it. So save your hair, scalp, and skin from excessive heat with 
    Brilliance Blow Dry Accelerator by Skin Care By Suzie.

    Scott B -Stylist
    Skin Care By Suzie Online store
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