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    skincarebysuzie — Glycolic peels

    The Best Way To Use Glycolic Acid

    The Best Way To Use Glycolic Acid

    Some people buy the highest percentage of glycolic acid they can find and use it, assuming a higher concentration means better results, faster ...

    This is not true, and skin that is not accustomed to glycolic acid or who is already sensitive can react badly. Continue reading for detailed information on how to use glycolic acid to ensure clear, healthy and amazing skin!

    How To Use Glycolic Acid

    Start with products that contain between 5 - 8%

    • Daily exfoliator is one of the best choices, because it provides consistent use that is easy and the right way to build tolerance of your skin.
    • Monitor how your skin reacts - if the skin becomes red or irritated, reduce its use every 2 or 3 days for several weeks
    • Increase the frequency of application or the time remaining on the skin if your skin no longer reacts as it did in the beginning (eg less tingling sensation, no redness)
    • Monitor your skin! You might not need to add anything - many people find using a good product with a concentration of 5 - 10% every day is enough to keep the skin healthy and clean from blackheads and fine lines

    Make sure you use good sunscreen every day!

    Recommended Products:

    Glycolic Peel Kits
    30%, 40%, 50%

    Glycolic Products up to 15%
    100% Natural 15% Exfoliating Gel
    100% Natural Botanical 8/5 Exfoliating Gel
    Natural Alpha Hydroxy Night Crème
    15% Glycolic Treatment Gel gx-50 (Pro Series)
    15% Glycolic Cream (Pro Series)

    Glycolic Products up to 10%
    Glycolic Exfoliating Masque (Pro Series)
    Alpha + MSM face & throat Cream 8%
    10% Glycolic Cream (Pro Series)

    Glycolic Cleansers 1%-3% Glycolic

    The above products are suitable for daily use, but again monitor your skin.

    The Importance of Concentration (%) and Building

    Retail products contain glycolic acid levels in concentrations from 1% to 50%.
    Understand these product Contain glycolic acid levels in concentrations from 1% to 50%, The are not pure glycolic acid like a weekly peel would be, They do not require any prep or neutralizer like a peel would.

    Chemical peels performed by Estheticians or available for home use range from 30% to 70%
    These are pure glycolic acid and require a neutralizing solution
    We & Doctors treat a lot of people who think the can use a 70% on themselves, If not done properly it can cause burns, hyper-pigmentation and even scars


    To get the benefits of using glycolic acid at home, it is recommended to use a low percentage consistently as part of your skin care routine and get amazing results:

    • Evaluate how your skin feels when you use it - mild tingling is normal the first few times, and is an indication that the skin is functioning. It should not be painful or cause peeling after use
    • If this is too much, you can reduce its use to every second day - or you might need to start on frequency every few days. It's alright, just like you listen to your skin.
    • After 3 or 4 weeks you can increase the frequency or time of application. Now your skin will get used to acids and will be able to handle higher concentrations. It's optional - regular use of your 5-8% favorite products is just fine!
    • Some people claim that concentrations lower than 20% are not feasible - but this is dangerous because it can cause long-term damage to the skin if not used properly.
    • The low dose used consistently works best to help restore normal health, keep it clear, and provide fresh bright skin.

    Recommended products with increased Glycolic percentage that do not need any neutralizer

    15% Glycolic Cream

    Vegan Alpha Hydroxy Night Crème 15%

    Treatment Products:

    Treatment products are designed to use once or twice a week. Although the maybe the same (or even lower) percentage of glycolic as the above products they are actually stronger because the do not have the same buffering products in them. They do not require any prepping or neutralizing

    Glycolic Exfoliating Masque

    15% Glycolic Treatment Gel

    Glycolic Peel Kits

    Peel kits range from 30% to 50%in strength.   These are un-buffered glycolic which is glycolic in it purist form   Glycolic peels are nicknamed the "Lunchtime Peel"   because you can go get a peel during your lunch break and go back to work, There may be a little redness but that usually subside after about 30 min.

    The MUST be used with a neutralizer. 

     There is a lot of misunderstanding with glycolic peel.  What you do not see from a gycolic peel is skin flaking off like you might wit a TCA peel, That does not mean it is not working,   Glycolic peels work over time, Used once a week for about a series of six weeks.

    Stronger then 50%,    Yes you can buy glycolic peels stronger then 50% , We do not sell them because they are dangerous,  We and Doctors treat people all the time that burn them selves,  Many of the peels on the market are not made to standards.

    We sell complete kits because it is important that you have evryting youi meed to get the best results and be safe at all times

    Glycolic Peel Kits
    30%, 40%, 50%

    Make sure you use good sunscreen every day!  It is best not to go out into the san the same day you use a peel.

    Who Should not Use Glycolic Acid?

    Do not use if you:

    • Do or have recently stopped using prescription drugs for acne
    • Recently underwent microdermabrasion treatment
    • Use a sunbed or often sunbathe without adequate protection
    • Having thin or sensitive skin

    Using glycolic acid in your normal skin care routine is easy once you know how - and remember the importance of building your skin's tolerance.

    Nothing beats consistency in skin care, and this is especially true when using this AHA.

    This can greatly improve the condition of the skin by balancing the acid mantle, providing even and deep exfoliation, and increasing cell turnover which results in a healthy, fresh face.

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